Sunday, April 24, 2011

We Interrupt Our Regular Programming to Bring You H2H Update v. 1.0...

Hi, all!

It suddenly occurred to me on Friday that not only was this Easter Sunday, but it's also the last Sunday of the month - and that means it's time for the first Hands2Help update/check-in!

This is just a time to pop in, say hello, tell how things are going with your H2H project - nothing heavy duty, although you can link up to a blogpost at the linky party at the bottom if you want to!  Maybe you could put one random fact about yourself in your comment so we can get to know each other better!

Here's my update - I sent off these two squishies of fabric last week....

This one went to Robyn...

...and this one went to Cindy!

I also received my fabric from Cindy on Friday, and adding some of my own, cut out a quilt this morning!

I'm going to use this fabric to make a version of that sweet quilt on the front of Amy Ellis's new book, Modern Basics!  I can't wait to start, but a ministry quilt was needed, so I had to set it to the side for a while.

On another H2H front, I contacted some folks and we're getting a very nice group of prizes for the end of the challenge!  Take a look....

From Judi of Green Fairy Quilts, a jelly roll...

From Pam Nagle of Silver Sound Quilts, a Verna kit by Kate Spain...

From Rebecca of Chasing Cottons, six of her patterns (probably to be divided among multiple winners)....

From John'a Lee of The Scrappy Appleyard, a quilt....

From Peg and Becca of Sew Fresh Fabrics, a fabric bundle...

From Leah of Burgundy Buttons, a $15 gift certificate...

From Sharon Vrooman, a $25 gift certificate to Green Fairy Quilts' shop, and a Robert Kaufman "brights" solid Roll-Up from Fat Quarter Shop...

And from KatieQ, two charm packs!

And for people who send in one or more quilts in addition to their "swap" quilt, there will be a special giveaway - winner's choice of five of Judi's great quilt patterns!  Each additional quilt will get you an entry into this giveaway....


OK - so that's my update, and here's my random fact - - -

In high school, I took an aeronautics class, and was the only girl in the class. The guys were not impressed - until I was the only one that passed the first test!  I suddenly became very popular, all thanks to the fact that I had been flying with my dad since I was tall enough to see over the yoke of the plane!

So now it's your turn.  Tell us how things are going, link up to a blogpost if you want to, and be sure to leave your random personal fact!!




  1. Congrats on getting such great giveaway sponsors! Wishing you all much success. Happy Easter!

  2. Wow!!!! You have gotten some fabulous prizes. I have gotten both of my fabric packages - One came from the Fat Quarter Shop - I was super excited about that one. Larissa just ordered it & had it shipped to me.
    Something random about me...... I am deathly afraid of water - swimming pool or otherwise but I love whitewater rafting. Odd I know.
    Hope you have a great Sunday.

  3. Oops, I see that I should have put my name up there. I'm really Ruthie not Got My Fabric. But I did receive my fabric and it's going to make a great quilt. About me: I'm going to Paducah on Wednesday! Woo-hoo!

  4. I am still learning to blog. I guess I didn't do this correct. I am Karen not H2H. I am sure as we go along I will learn how to blog.

    Happy Easter.

  5. Random thing about me..... my cruiser bicycle is bright lime green with polkadots (even on the tire rims) and it had a wicker basket, an awesome "ching-ching" bell and a coffee cup holder. I ride it all around (in the summer mostly) and almost everyone who see's it comments on it. It's hard to miss and it makes me smile.

  6. random personal fact: well I think some people might know this I am not sure. I love scary movies. I watch them by myself. No one in my family likes them so I watch them when the kids are at school. LOL!!

  7. Hi, I'm Auntie Pami. A nickname that my nieces and nephews started and it stuck. A little about me, I am retired from the US Navy. Aliens is my favorite movie when I'm sick. Great one liners. Didn't any mail Saturday. :(

  8. Got fabric from Diane earlier this week! It's so pretty and fun -- I'm seeing pinwheels or something equally playful! Random fact, hmmm....:-) I like wearing socks. Not shoes. Socks. :-) One of the best feelings in the world is when you put on brand new pair of soft cotton socks!! :-D The kids and I wear socks all year round in the house. And if I didn't make fun of "shoe-bies" (people who wear socks with sandals), I'd totally wear socks outside during the summer, too! :-D WEIRD! LOL
    Mary Lou

  9. I got my fabric from Ann, and I'm excited to get started! Let's see, a fact about me is that I have my desk (home-based business) and my sewing table about six feet apart....guess what I do on my lunch breaks! :)
    Jacque in SC

  10. Heh - missed the linky, but I did just post an update with my I'll try and link it up on Sunday to share!

  11. Yip, I missed the linky too. Got my fabulous fabric from Janet. Its bright and cheery and totally fabrics I would pick out myself.

    Random fact about me? Well if I find a new author I like, I have to read all the books in order they were written, no matter if its a series or not. I'm a dork!


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