Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Make-A-List Monday #84! Moving Right Along....

Hi, all!

I was so busy yesterday I completely forgot to do my Make-A-List thing!!  But I did well on last week's list, so I definitely want to share, and I need to make a new list to keep me on track this week - so here goes!

Here's last week's recap...

1.  Finish binding on the skateboarding quilt.
Done!  It's finished and delivered...

2.  Piece the stars top.
Done!  And it's ready for binding, too - 
I'll show pics of this one on Wednesday.

3.  Quilt the charms squares mini quilt.
Done!  These two pretties are part of a giveaway - 
and there's still time to enter!  
Check out this blogpost
winners will be drawn  Wednesday 2/29!

4. Quilt the stars top.
Done!  Like I said earlier, I'll be showing this one
 on Wednesday...

5.  Start working on Hands2Help 2012!
Done!  I hope you'll check out this past Sunday's 
blogpost for some info about this year's Challenge, 
and give me some feedback!!
Pick up the new button for your blog, too!!

So that's what happened with last week's list.  Plus I quilted six more quilts (three of them yesterday, which is why I forgot to do my blogpost!) so I've got plenty to do this week...

1.  Bind those seven quilts.

2.  Work on a special gift quilt.

3.  Work on Hands2Help 2012.

4.  Finish checking out everyone's Whoop Whoops!!

That doesn't look like a lot, but the gift quilt needs to be finished by Sunday, so I've got to devote all my time to it, as soon as I get those seven quilts bound.  I think I'm going to check out AmandaJean's machine binding tutorial - I really like hand binding but seven quilts!!  Yikes!!  Wish me luck...

So now - - - - what are you working on this week?




  1. I've been playing with machine binding, but with a blanket stitch. It's okay, but so easy to get off the "track"! With the number of quilts you ladies put together, I'd certainly be considering machine binding, too.

    The new H2H button is on my blog right up at the top!

  2. Since my Mom does a lot of my bindings, she likes to do it by hand, but on the charity quilts or quilts for children she folds the binding to the front and then uses a decorative stitch (serpentine, etc) for a little interest. Have you tried the new Clover Wonder Clips? Easier to use than the silver binding clips.

  3. I machine stitch bindings on charity quilts for durability - you don't know what kind of heavy use/washing they will get. Sew to the back, flip to front, and use a decorative stitch that catches edge as well as thru the binding - it's not going anywhere.

    I need to clear up this months project(s) left over mess and pull fabrics, etc... and ready for March projects.

  4. You get so much done - you amaze me!!! I've gotten a lot done this week too and my To Do list is pretty current, only one item left from earlier in the week, and I'll take care of that today.

    I often machine bind a quilt unless it is one that I want to be considered special or heirloom. Children's quits and charity quilts are always machine bound. They still look very nice and are much more durable.

  5. Good job. I love hand binding but in a pinch I machine bind. Good luck on your list this week.

  6. Lovely finishes!
    Thanks for sharing about the machine finish for bindings. I haven't seen that before.
    I like to hand finish mine but with a large number of quilts to do as you are, this would help keep things on schedule. Hope it goes well.

  7. Hi!
    If you want to do this quickly, sew the binding on the BACK of the quilt 1st, connect the ends as usual.
    Press as usual.
    then, with the right side up and a long stitch length, ie: longer than you piece with, sew down the binding on the top side, lining up where you will be machine stitching to cover the stitch line from sewing down the back. You may want to pin along the length to be sure the binding doesn't stretch as you go along. You should pin on either side of the corner, to be sure the corner is square and looks nice.
    Is much quicker than any other method I've tried. Probably Fast Fuse tape to hold the binding on the top side, would really help too, I've never tried it tho.
    Take care, Leslie


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