Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What's Cookin' at The Sweatshop, Week #21 - A Few More Chevrons...

Hi, all!

I hope you're having a good week!  Winter returned with a vengeance over the weekend, but seems to be going away again - we're back to warming weather, although it's still rainy.  Hopefully the sun will come out again soon!

We've delivered three quilts this week for the ministry. The front and back of the first was pieced by Cindy.....


...and back...
Isn't that gorgeous?  Vicki, who blogs over at Dotty Jane Designs, donated the fabric that makes up most of the front.  And she won them from Jean at Jean Creates!  This quilt has been given to a young woman who has recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer.

This next quilt was made by Debora.  Lots of cheerful I-Spy blocks in this one!

This quilt is going to a newborn baby boy in our church!  

And here's the last quilt, which is the only one I can completely claim as my work this week...

This quilt is going to a woman in our church who was just diagnosed with breast cancer.  (If you've ever requested a charitable donation letter for a donation you've made to our ministry, she's the one who prepares them.)  She just redecorated her house in chocolate and teal, and it was a pleasure to be able to work with those colors for this pretty quilt!

Lots of folks signed the panel in the back with well-wishes and encouragement for her!  And someone (I'm sorry, I can't remember exactly who) donated that beautiful feather print that makes up the back!

We've got four more quilts on the request list right now - that should keep us busy for the rest of the week!

And we've taken on a new project!  Our church takes mission groups to New Orleans to help out with hurricane recovery (yes, it's still going on!) several times a year.  The senior high school students work with five elementary schools in the area, and we are planning to make quilts to take with them for some of the kids in those schools.  I don't think we'll be able to make enough for all the kids (LOL!) but they can be given to the school counselor to be distributed where they will be most useful.   It should be a fun project, and will give our new members a chance to make smaller quilts as they learn.  And lots of chances to learn free motion quilting!

So that's what we're working on in The Sweatshop!!  What are you working on this week?




  1. I had to look twice at that chocolate and teal quilt because at least on my monitor the brown was coming across as a burnt orange, which was gorgeous! I like it just as much now that I know it's chocolate brown! Great job, as always!

  2. I'm glad those fabrics made up so beautifully! To give proper credit, I won them here:

    Another week of great quilts!!

  3. Once again, BEAUTIFUL QUILTS!!!

    Love the I Spy Quilt, I've made several and children really love them.

    Happy sewing this week!

  4. More lovely quilts - yes the turg./brown came thru as a rus color, but I remember from before the brown - just gorgeous and love the back fabric and special label.

  5. I love that orange quilt at the top. I have bought some orange and red and want to make me something out of it. Just love the colors.
    Stop by for my quilt givaway to guess my babys b-day and weight.

  6. Looks like another productive week! Love the concept of all the signatures on the back of the chocolate and teal quilt. Nicely done:)

  7. Nice work by all! Are you going o be coordinating the Hands 2 Help this year. I am wanting to make an extra quilt to send along.

  8. Wow Sarah, you're a busy woman! I love to see how much love and cheer you're spreading with your beautiful quilts :)

  9. What beautiful quilts! And the one you made is especially gorgeous! She is would to love it. Thank you for all the amazing things you do to ease the pain in others lives.

  10. I love the back of the orange quilt. It's always so much fun to turn a quilt over and have it look just as good on the back. When is your Church going to New Orleans?

  11. Love the zigzag quilts, and the I Spy will be perfect for the newborn!

    I'm not up to all that much sewing-wise this week. Hopefully when the weekend gets here, I'll have some quality time in the sewing room.

  12. love chocolate and teal and those energetic zigzags

  13. What a great sweatshop week!! i really love that orange quilt! Wonderful!!

  14. Beautiful quilts all, but I particularly enjoyed the orange ones. Seems like orange was out of vogue for awhile and now it's making a comeback.

  15. I love the orange. I need to make an orange quilt I think!


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