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Nifty Nines Quilt-Along - Nines Gone Wild!!

Hi, all!

Welcome to the final week of the Nifty Nines Quilt-Along!  So far we've explored five different quilts using nine-patch blocks - Lattice Play, Time For Chevrons, Easy-Peasy Giant D9P, Great Granny Grunt, and Daisy Chain.  This week's quilt is a more modern take using nine-patch blocks!

Because this quilt has so much negative space, it was the perfect setting for some wild quilting...

I've played with this technique before, but last week I viewed Christina Cameli's new Craftsy class, Wild Quilting.  The class helped define some guidelines for the quilting and I found it to be very helpful in getting a more cohesive design.  I did my quilting on a long arm machine, but Christina does hers on a tabletop domestic machine - so anyone can do this kind of quilting!  I highly recommend her class for anyone who wants to give this a try.  It's a lot of fun!!

And now, here's the tutorial for this quilt!  As always, you can request a PDF of the tutorial by leaving your email address in a comment below.  (PLEASE leave your email address - I have noticed quite an increase in no-reply bloggers recently, many of them people that I know were not no-reply in the past.)


Nifty Nines Quilt-Along
Nines Gone Wild!

Size - Approx. 57” x 57”

Fabric Requirements:

Background fabric - 3 yards
From the background fabric, cut nine 5” x width of fabric strips.  
Crosscut those strips as follows:

6 5” squares
44 5” x 7” rectangles (set two aside for squaring off the quilt)

Cut four 5” x width of fabric strips.  (All these are for squaring off the quilt)
        Crosscut those strips as follows:

Strip #1 - 17.5”, 10.75”, 11.75”
Strip #2 - 16.5” 15.5”, 8”
Strip #3 - 16”, 13.5”, 9.75”
Strip #4 - 15”, 12.75”, 11.5” 

2 7.75” squares (for setting triangles)
2 7.5” squares (for setting corners)

Scraps or a mix of fabrics totaling approximately 1 yard.  Cut 306   2” squares from print fabrics.

Block Construction:

There are two basic blocks that form the body of this quilt.  

Block A looks like this: 

Block A is a simple 9-patch, made with all 2” print squares.  This block should be 5” square when sewn together.  Make 34. 

Block B is the 5” x 7” rectangle cut earlier.  
NOTE:  There are also six 5” squares of background fabric which are to be used as spacers to break up the fall of 9-patches down the quilt as desired.

Quilt Construction

Start building this quilt by laying out the center as shown below.  This will utilize your 9-patch blocks, the 5” background squares, and the 5” x 7” background rectangles.  Do not start assembling yet!

Next, fill in the upper right corner, right side, and lower right corner using the setting corners and setting triangles.   

Then, using the picture above for reference, place the different lengths of fabric at the top, bottom and left ends of the rows.  Your rows will be jagged at the ends, but will be trimmed later.  Starting from the bottom right corner, sew the diagonal rows together, then sew them to each other, matching seams so that the nine-patch blocks and solid 5” squares come down in columns.  Do not sew the left hand corners on yet.  

Trim across the top, using the upper right corner to establish your straight line.  Trim across the bottom, using the lower right corner to establish your straight line.  Trim diagonally across the left hand corner rows, then add the setting corner to complete the corner.  Trim the left hand side in line with the lower left corner.  Now you can add the large upper left hand corner.  Trim if needed, and it’s done!  

Now here’s where I got the name for this quilt - after taking Christina Cameli’s Craftsy class, Wild Quilting, I had a burning desire to do some wild quilting on this thoroughly modern quilt.  Here’s just a sample of the quilting I did…

So have fun with the finishing on this quilt - doodle your little heart out!  Quilt it as desired, bind it, and you are done!

Originally posted on on 3/6/16


So this wraps up the Nifty Nines Quilt-Along!  I hope you've enjoyed the quilts that have been featured - I've certainly enjoyed making them!  And next week, you'll get a chance to use this inspiration to do good - the Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge starts! 

Next Sunday's post will give all the information about the charities and this year's timetable of events.  If you sign up in the first week, you will be entered in a fantastic giveaway from my friend Shannon at Fabrics N Quilts - so be sure to check it out and join in the fun!  

See you next Sunday!!




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  13. Sarah, could I have a PDF for the first five quilts?I love the quilting in the final quilt! You do beautiful work. This has been a wonderful quilt-along and I look forward to making them. Thanks!

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