Wednesday, March 21, 2018

I May Have A Scrap Problem... Two-patch, Four-patch...

Hi, all!

have a new rule - never store fabric scraps in enormous tubs!  I don't think I'm ever going to get to the bottom of that big "C" tub - but at least I'm making a dent in it!  And I started on a project using the squares I've been cutting from that tub...

Lots of chain piecing commenced...

...and I'm not joking about LOTS of it!  2026 2.5" pieces sewn together into two-patch blocks.

After a monster pressing event, I had two boxes full of two-patch blocks ready to be turned into four-patches!

Monday I loaded up my instant pot with ham and beans so I could sew all day, and managed to get all the four-patch blocks sewn!  I still need to press them, but at least I can see progress!

And in my few uninvolved minutes, I found some awesome inspiration on Instagram...

Am I alone in having a ridiculous stash of black and white fabrics squirreled away in hopes of a black and white quilt someday?

And isn't this an amazing color study?  I may need to check out the solids bin to see if I have enough for this one...

And now some fun non-quilty scrap-busting items!


A beautiful table runner - so cheerful in sunny yellow!

Zipper bags are so useful - and how much better if you use up scraps to create them!

And now, the one that appeals to my gypsy/hippy/bohemian heart...

Is that not the most gorgeous scrappy thing you've ever seen?

Happy Scrapping, Y'all!




  1. It's always surprising how little fabric is needed to make a quilt! Your granddaughters would love patchwork skirts. Happy stitching!

  2. WOW! All are beautiful, but I definitely love that dress.

  3. Sounds like a great sewing day-I remember those all day marathons! Love all the inspiration in photos-I love the sunny yellow table runner-it would go perfectly in my golden yellow dining room in the morning sun......

  4. You certainly have wonderful inspiration for your scrappy project - can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. My aunt, my quilting muse, made me a patchwork skirt when I was a teen. I loved it! It was the late 60s/early 70s and it was perfect. Later my daughter, as a teen, wore it for a school spirit dress up days. I gave her my wire frame glasses from my teens and she was perfect!

  6. Only a skinny mini like the model could wear that skirt - lol.

  7. Congrats! on your scrappy progress. Thanks for sharing all of those wonderful projects!!! There are several that I would like to make.

  8. Love that "hot and cold" colored quilt found on Instagram. Wow! And you did a very good progress on your "Bin C Challenge". Kudos!

  9. If I were still young and thin, I would love to have that skirt. Now that I am old and plump, people would think I was lost and wandered out of my house with my quilt wrapped around me. Maybe when I get older, I won't care as much what people think and will make a skirt just like that instead of wearing purple.

  10. So proud of you going through your scraps! Yes - I’m guilty. I have black and white fabrics crying to be made into a quilt. :)

  11. Congratulations on making a dent in your BIG tub of scraps. And I like your idea of no big tubs, they can get really packed. Looking forward to seeing your next quilt!

  12. I thought I had enough black and white scraps for an entire quilt, but I really didn't. So I added brown and am making a nice, masculine scappy top :)

  13. Ooooh, that gypsy/hippie/bohemian dress. Too cute!


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