Monday, March 12, 2018

Make-A-List Monday - I Need My Hour Back!!

Hi, all!

Another week begins - and there is so much on my plate I'm not sure where to start!  And with daylight savings time, I lost an hour this week - and I want it back!  But as the song says, let's start at the very beginning.... First though, let's see how last week's list went.

1.  Press under all the edges of the arches for my Half and Half quilt, and start appliquéing them to the background.
Well, I managed to get all the edges pressed under, but didn't have time to start appliquéing them.  And with some new work coming in, it may be a while before I can finish this quilt.  They sure are pretty, though, aren't they?

2.  Meet with a new customer about a t-shirt quilt. 
(Graduation t-shirt season starts early around here, y'all!)
Done - and this is part of the reason I have to step away from my Half and Half quilt!  But it's all good.

3.  Start work on a quilt for a special occasion.
Done!  The top is finished, and I have everything I need to finish it off - just have to get to work on it! This is a pic from the back side - I love the way it looks like stained glass!

4.  Mail off two Heartbuilder quilts.
Done!  I'm building quite a relationship with the lady at the post office...

5.  Order fabric for several upcoming projects.
Done!  I ordered for four different projects, and I still need to locate one more piece!  It sure will be fun to get the mail this week...

6.  Pick a pattern for this month's scrap quilt.
Done!  I'm planning on using a lot of 2.5" squares to make a special (and big!) quilt - this one may take more than one month to make!

7.  Prep for this Saturday's Piece*Love*Quilt sewing day!
Done!  We had so much fun - we made some pillowcase dresses for our Haiti mission team to take with them when they go in June.  I'll be doing a tutorial on Wednesday's blog post to share how we made them.  Just look how cute they are!  We made twenty dresses on Saturday morning, and we'll probably make more in smaller sizes in the coming weeks.

8.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.
Done!  We only had one request this week, for a woman diagnosed with breast cancer.  This quilt top was made and donated by Gayle B - isn't it beautiful?  I'm sure it's going to brighten that woman's days for a long time to come...

One thing I forgot to do last week was to draw a winner for the scrap bundle giveaway for the final week of the Scrumptious Scraps quilt-along, so I'm going to do it now!

Anne Marie is the winner of that last bundle of scraps!  I'll be contacting her directly to get her snail mail address and send it out...

So all in all, not a bad week!  I cut up a LOT of scraps, too, which is good because I'm going to need them for my project.  Here's what's on tap for this week...

1.  Keep cutting up scraps and working on my March scrap project.

2.  Write and photograph a tutorial for the pillowcase dresses.

3.  Make the t-shirt quilt blocks.

3.  Sandwich and quilt the special occasion quilt.

4.  Administrative work on Hands2Help!  More about that in a minute...

5.  Cut out a new baby quilt (once the fabric arrives!)

6.  Start deconstructing an old quilt top to be remade for a friend.

7.  Clean up my studio a bit.  (I just saw films of a hoarder's house that burned down nearby and I am convicted that I need to clean up some of those stacks!)

8.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

That will definitely keep me out of trouble!  And I've got another quilt kit on the way for another commission job - so I've really got to get some of these projects in progress finished up this week!

And now about Hands2Help - if you missed it Sunday, it's sign-up week!  You can read all about the Challenge here, and join in the fun!  There's a giveaway for folks who sign up by this Saturday, too!  At the time I'm writing this, there are 117 people signed up already - woohoo!!!

Today, I saw this on Instagram, posted by one of this year's charities, Little Lambs Foundation for Kids.  It is a letter written by a child in foster care, and it certainly highlights the need of these kids.  I am so glad we chose this group as one of our charities this year....  

So now, the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. My heart as well. Lovely stained glass view from the back.

  2. Wonderful fun to have the projects planned out and then accomplish them! That letter is a heart jerk for sure....

  3. Don't you LOVE autocorrect: " I am convicted that..." It makes me wonder whether any of us can be convicted for messes in our studios! That letter was a real eye opener. Most of the things that child wants are basic needs -- not too many wants. Thanks for sharing it. Off to the other page to sign up!

  4. OK, that letter just tugs at my heart...I need to make it a priority to make a quilt for Hand2Help.

  5. Gayle donated a fabulous quilt. That one is a true gift of love to give it away!

    The fabric in your arches is so darling! It reminds me of scrapbook paper.

    I am visiting from but am currently logged into a different google account.

  6. Your WIPs are looking fine, Sarah! And Gayle B's quilt is just lovely. Thanks for sharing that heart rending letter. Anyone who thinks "just a quilt" won't help should see that wish list...

  7. Hubby's company used to let us sign up for Santa Letter's. One of the first years, the little boy asked for food for Christmas. No toy, nothing but food. So sad. We took good care of that, and added a toy, too.

  8. I hope my signup went through. It kept spinning for quite a while. That letter is hard to ignore. Wants you to reach out and help someway.

  9. I hope my signup went through. It kept spinning for quite a while. That letter is hard to ignore. Wants you to reach out and help someway.

  10. I love the extra daylight, but I want my hour of sleep back!!! ☺


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