Saturday, July 21, 2018

12 Days of Christmas in July Blog Hop - Day 8! And More Giveaways!

Hi, all!

It just occurred to me that by the 8th day of Christmas in the song, the poor object of the singer's affection had received 120 gifts - actually 128 if you count the 8 cows today's "maids a-milking" were milking!  Wow!  Now, we haven't had the same quantity of gifts through this hop as in the song, but we've certainly had some great quality, haven't we?  Fabulous projects so far, and so many more great ones to come! 

Today we are joined by Marian, who blogs over at Seams to Be Sew.  She has some great ornaments and holiday decorations to share with us that I can't wait to see, and Meloney of Mel's Quilting Blog has another great gift idea to share.  And there are giveaways today, so be sure to hop on over to their blogs and throw your name in the hat!


And now, let's finish up all those B Blocks!  Today is pretty simple - isn't it nice to have an easy day?  The first thing we need to do is press the webbed blocks we made on Thursday.

Lay the block on your ironing board with the pieced columns running vertically (up and down).  Press the seams on the outer columns away from the center block in the strip.  Press the seams on the center column in towards the center block in the strip.  Repeat for all 13 B blocks.

Now sew the final two seams on your block, nesting the seams to match the intersections on each row.  Repeat for all 13 blocks.

Now for the final pressing.  Spin the seams at each intersection (view this short video if you need a refresher on how to do that) to reduce bulk and then press the block carefully.  Repeat for all 13 blocks.

And now you have completed all the blocks for your quilt!  Tomorrow we'll work on assembling the quilt top center.  For now, put all your blocks up on your design wall and pat yourself on the back - aren't they gorgeous?


It's so exciting when we get to the home stretch of the quilt-along quilt - but while that's winding down, there's a lot more going on in the blog hop!  Be sure to check back tomorrow to see what's new, and if you haven't seen all the previous days' posts, don't miss them!!


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  1. Truly enjoying this Blog Hop. Everything is so pretty.

  2. It's funny when you sit back and think of origins of songs. O the Gifts for a King for sure!

  3. Lots of projects and sewing ideas, another wonderful year of hops to make and blogs to visit..

  4. Great use of the colors....

  5. 8th day already?? Wow. Yes, lots of great projects shared.

  6. All my blocks are in two pretty piles and I keep admiring and patting them! I enjoyed the triangles so much that I started another small project using my TriRecs rulers. Once you get used to the odd corners, they really work great :)


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