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12 Days of Christmas in July Blog Hop - Day Five!! And There's More Giveaways!!

Hi, all!

Well, here we are at day five of the 12 Days of Christmas in July blog hop - are you having fun yet?  I'm finding so many great ideas that I actually don't know where to begin!  I may put them in a hat and draw them out one by one just to change it all up... 

We've got two more great bloggers for your enjoyment today!  Karrin, who blogs at Karrin's Crazy World is going to share some of her own favorite Christmas crafting, and Cindy of Stitching' At Home has something special to share with us too.  I, for one, can't wait to see what they have created!  And, once again, there's a giveaway out there somewhere, so visit both blogs and sign up!


Today we will be starting on the B Block for "Rejoice"!  (Do I hear a little rejoicing out there?) Once again, it's a simple nine-patch block, with the addition of the Tri-Recs units.  Today we'll be making those units.  I really suggest reading through the following directions because there are corrections to the original cutting directions and some tips to make this block easier interspersed.

NOTE:  I just discovered an error in the cutting directions:  You will need 120 Recs (side) triangles (not 100) and 60 Tri (center) triangles (not 50).  I'm so sorry!!

And if you are just now cutting those pieces, I've made some corrections/additions to the original cutting post that I'll also post here.  Cut both the Tri and the Recs pieces from strips cut 4.5" x width of fabric (WOF).  Do NOT open up the strips.  Leave them folded as they were on the bolt.  This way, when you cut the Recs pieces, you'll get both a right and a left side from each cut.  Line up the top of the template with the top of the strip; the line under 4.5" should line up with the bottom of the strip.  And see those little corners cut off on the template?  It really does pay to cut those off too - it makes it so much easier to line your pieces up correctly to sew them!

Now that you have all of your Tri-Recs pieces (sounds like a dinosaur, doesn't it?) divide the Recs pieces into right pieces and left pieces.  Turn all the Tri pieces face up.  Stack the Tri pieces (all 60 of them!) next to your sewing machine, with the right and left Recs pieces to the right and left of the triangles so that they form a block.  

Fold a right side Recs triangle over the right side of the Tri triangle and stitch with a scant 1/4" seam.

NOTE:  There's a fine line here - you want your Tri-Recs block to finish at 4.5" (or as close as possible), but you also want a 1/4" allowance above the point of the triangle in the finished block.  You might want to make a sample block to determine the perfect 1/4" seam for your machine.

(Chain piecing is your friend here - it will allow you to go a whole lot faster, and save on thread.  I chain piece, then cut the segments apart before I press the seams.)

Stitch all 60 right sides, then press the seams open to reduce bulk.

Now stitch all 60 left sides.  Press the seams open.

Set 8 of these units aside for the border. WARNING!! Put them someplace safe, but not so safe that you forget where they are (don't ask me how I know that...)  I (now) keep a clipboard handy with my instructions and any future pieces clipped to it.  A plastic shoebox or project bag works well, too!  Or keep them with the remainder of your Fabric B that you will be using for the borders in a few days.

And that's it for the day!  Tomorrow we'll tackle the first step of assembling the B blocks - webbing them up.  That should be a lot quicker and easier than today.  This was probably the most time-consuming day of the whole quilt-along - so congratulate yourself if you're on track to finish by the end! If you aren't, remember there are a couple of catch-up days ahead...

And once again, my apologies for the corrections and additional information that I should have provided earlier.  My only excuse is that Hands2Help was such a success this year, I got behind on the planning and execution for this blog hop and didn't have time to write out my pattern and then test it!  Next year that will not happen - because I've already got a great idea for that quilt!!


So now, go visit the hop blogs if you haven't already, and dream of sugarplums tonight!  See you tomorrow!



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  1. Beautiful block and thanks for the tips.

    Next weekend I'll beginning with the cutting.I'm on vacation last week and this one .

    Sarah, could you please sent me the pdf?

    Many thanks

  2. Great tutorials! As usual...I'm not sewing...but we did get a fence built and plans for the yard set :-)

  3. Thanks for doing this Blog Hop. I'm enjoying all the wonderful stuff the designers are sharing. You all are a very creative group.

  4. Thanks for sharing the hop! I love the quilt along too and wishing I were at home to gather up fabrics and sew along with you. Traveling for work the past several months ~ Just doing a little sewing here and there along the way. All of those small projects that have been popping up are wonderful for "traveling" projects!

  5. The quilt is moving right along-nice tutorial each time; don't worry about the 'oops' we all do a miscount on occasion!


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