Tuesday, July 24, 2018

12 Days of Christmas in July - Day 11! And More Giveaways!

Hi, all!

And now, the end is near....  does that make you as sad as it does me?  This year's hop has been so much fun, with so many great ideas! But we've still got two days to go, with some great projects, the announcement of giveaway winners for this blog, and a link-up to show off your quilt-along quilt, if you've come along for that ride!  That link-up will be open to anyone who has been quilting along, even if you haven't finished your quilt - show us what you've done so far!  That will be tomorrow, though, to give you a little bit more time.  

So here are today's stops on the blog hop! Kathy, who blogs at Kathy's Kwilts and More, and Summer of Summer Lee Quilts, have some fun ideas to spruce up your home (or someone else's) for Christmas.  I'm really excited for these - I love making things to make my house feel "dressed" for the holidays!  I believe there are some giveaways going on, too, so be sure to hop over there and check out their offerings, and throw your name in the hat!


Are you ready to finish up your quilt today?  I'm guessing some of you jumped the gun already and have your finished top staring you in the face - the last step isn't very hard, you'll find - but for those of you who waited, here are the instructions...

Gather up those eight Tri-Recs blocks (the ones you put in a safe place, remember?) and the border pieces you cut yesterday.

Make the side borders first, in this order - one short border piece, a Tri-Recs block, a long border piece, a Tri-Recs block, and a short border piece.  Make two of these.  Attach them to the sides of your quilt center, matching the Tri-Recs blocks to the Fabric C squares and the ends of the borders to the ends of the quilt top.  

Now make the top and bottom borders. Alternate the remaining border pieces with the Tri-Recs blocks - three border pieces and two Tri-Recs blocks for each side.  Attach to the top and bottom of your quilt center, matching the Tri-Recs blocs to the Fabric C squares and the ends of the borders to the ends of the quilt top.

And now you are done!!  Your top is finished, and ready for you to "quilt as desired" (don't you hate that phrase?).  I quilted mine with a random meander and a 40-weight thread, so the quilting doesn't compete with the design. Because finished is better than perfect, right?  

So take some pretty pictures and write a quick blogpost or put a pic on Instagram so you can link up tomorrow and show off your beautiful quilt!  I can't wait to see what you all have made - so excited!!


There are three more great bloggers headed our way tomorrow so be sure to come back one more day!  Hopefully there will be lots of quilt-along quilts to view, too (whatever their stage of completion) so there should be lots of eye candy.  See you then!!



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  1. The quilt looks wonderful and so Christmassy!!

  2. You've made it look like a zip to get a quilt done! And so pretty!

  3. The quilt looks fantastic, having a great time hopping through 12 days . hjrogers@sympatico.ca

  4. Where did the time go? It seems like we just started the blog hop.

  5. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tqrwU3ZePVphbBHK22UNTzkhVZ978c_tp0bs6hX-WRg/edit#gid=1321532788


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