Wednesday, July 4, 2018

I May Have A Scrap Problem - June Results and July Goals!

Hi, all!

It seems that June just flew by, doesn't it?  So much going on with the beginning of summer, and that definitely made a difference in my time for working with scraps - but I did make some progress!  I'll show you the small progress first, though...

This was my June goal.  And this was scrap tub "B"...

Oh my goodness was that tub packed full of stuff!  I pressed and cut, pressed and folded, stashed away fabric in color-sorted tubs, and this is where it stood at the end of the month...

So I made a good dent in it, but still didn't manage to clear it out.  So for July, I'm going to continue working on tub B, but with a couple of clear projects in mind.  My granddaughter has requested a scrappy blue quilt as her annual quilt this year (because "Nana, you KNOW blue is my color!") and there were a lot of blues in this tub.  I will probably gather up 2.5" squares for that project.  And I'm thinking this might be a great place to find pieces for a scrappy version of Jamie Elfert's Summer Wedding quilt.  

So that will be my goal for July - finish up that dratted tub and collect pieces for two quilts.  Because I am DETERMINED to clean out that tub!!

And now for my big result - I finally finished the denim crescent quilt!!!!

I debated many ways to quilt this top, but in the end I decided just to quilt wavy lines across the quilt, about an inch or so apart.  The backing, which you can see here, is a piece I picked up in IKEA in Calgary.  Rather appropriate for the 4th of July, isn't it?  

Here you can see it hanging from a rung of my new quilt ladder!  I'm a little excited about both of these things....

Here you can see the texture of the quilting - I really like the way this looks!  I decided not to use batting on this one, because it was already so heavy.  I put a layer of white flannel between the front and back to minimize the feel of the seams in the denim, which were pretty bulky.

This shot really show off the ombre shading of the denim, achieved by sorting out my denim jeans scraps by color, then arranging them with the lightest on the top and the darkest on the bottom.  For those of you interested, the pattern is by Christina Cameli and can be found in her new book, Wedge Quilt Workshop.  

So that was my June, at least as far as the scraps went!  I'm glad to have finished the denim quilt, and look forward to using it, and I'll be very happy to get to the bottom of Scrap Tub "B"! 

Have you been working on your scraps too?  Link up below to show off what you've done this month.  I'm really enjoying seeing your creations on Instagram and other social media!



PS - if you missed it, be sure to check out this post to see a preview of this year's 12 Days of Christmas in July quilt-along quilt.  We have a new sponsor this year - BlocLoc - and they are offering 10% off for my readers from now until July 15th with the code JULY25TH (put it in the Special Instructions field).  You'll want a BlocLoc half square triangle ruler for this quilt if you don't already have one!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! (Maybe one day I'll steal your idea and make me one of my own...)

  2. With a tub that big it would have taken a lot of work to clear it but I think you can be proud of the progress that you made.

  3. that is a beautiful quilt on your list to make - I am finishing up this month on my scrappy Tumalo Trails

  4. Sarah, I am SEW IN LOVE with your denim crescent quilt! I don't have Christina's book (yet!). What is the construction method for this one -- is it a curved piecing clamshell type construction or is it more like a Drunkard's Path block with a paper pieced arc? What you did with the denim for an ombre is SO cool. Thanks for sharing with us and congrats on a gorgeous finish!

  5. Awesome denim crescent quilt finish! I sure wish I had saved my old jeans.

  6. I never noticed the ombre effect until you mentioned it, but what a great element.

  7. Congrats on finishing your fantastic denim wedges! I love seeing it all quilted up and crinkly :) I hope you were able to sit on it and watch some fireworks last night :)

    Now I want to know who plays the drums in your house? My husband wants to learn to play so I keep encouraging him to get a small electronic set for the boat...

  8. I've been anxiously waiting to see the completion of this quilt. I absolutely love it. The way you used the denim to create an ombre look is genius. It looks huge and must be very heavy. Doing the final piecing must have helped you build some muscles.

  9. I have some of that same IKEA fabric. I complained to my local IKEA that they didn't have a fabric dept, and they put one in (after they said that our store was too small for one).

  10. You did a great job on your denim quilt. I have enjoyed watching you work on it so much that I bought the book to make me one (eventually).

  11. I love how your denim quilt turned out!


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