Monday, June 7, 2010

I Love My Hubby!!!

Hi, all!

Just a quick post to tell you all what a fabulous and fabulously creative guy my husband is - he came up with this great quilting design when I was absolutely clueless about the best way to quilt something......

When I show you the front, you'll understand why this is the perfect quilting pattern for this project!!

One more thing - be sure to check out this giveaway by The Quilt Shoppe!  It's a fabulous prize!!

And yet one more thing - here's another great giveaway to check out!  It's on Amy's Creative Side!!  I've checked out the videos on this, plus Amy's review and wow! I want one!!




  1. It almost looks Frank Lloyd Wright-ish to me. I'm marveling at all the right angles you had to make, and so perfectly too.

  2. Well thanks for the anticipation! Now I just want to see the front! It looks really cool, but I want to see it in full action!

  3. Hey thanks for the advice! The only part I can't use is the part about having a sewing table in the garage. It collects dust and dirt and it's where the wet dogs get sent when it rains (And it rains a lot, I'm in Oregon! hah!) so it's not a prime place for anything I want to keep clean!


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