Monday, June 28, 2010

Inspired! (Let's Call It Make-A-List Monday!)

Hi, all!

OK, inspired by a fellow blogger,  Shannon at Monkey Dog Quilts, I am making my internal to-do list for the week very public here!  With any kind of luck, this week I will:

1.  Finish quilting my friend Wendy's gorgeous bow tie quilt.  The quilt sandwich is made, and Tuesday night is set aside for this project!  (Hubby is out of town so I can sew all night!)

2.  Bind said quilt after it is quilted!

3.  Hand sew the binding on a baby girl's quilt I'm making for the quilt ministry. (Update: as of 6/28 8:15 pm this is done!)

4.  Make a baby boy's quilt for the quilt ministry. (Update: as of 6/28 6:00 pm the flimsy is finished; as of 6/29 5:30 pm the free motion quilting is done.)

5.  Pick out at least one more set of fabric for Amy's Simple Sampler Quilt Along (to make for Christmas gifts!)  (Update: as of 6/28 6:00 pm I've pulled a stack that I think will work; what do you think? I'm not so sure about the black, pink & green between the marimekko flowers and the ladybugs.....)

6.  Make some more striped blocks for Beth's Striped Challenge..... (As of 6/29 5:30 pm I have posted one block on the Flickr group, and I've got an idea that I'll work on Thursday!)

OK, now it's public so I guess I'd better get to work!




  1. Hoo, you're going to be busy! Well, there it is, in black and white and in public. I'd be a little nervous myself, but I'm sure you will triumph over your to-dos!

  2. Ambitious list! But I do the list thing too. Have my WIPs and my Quilting Bucket list right on the blog, so they are there for me to see every time I log on.

  3. Hey girl... just did a little catch up on the blog! :) Seems like you have a lot to accomplish... I feel ya! I will get to work on those cards tonight! Just wanted to let you know! :)

  4. BTW... like your new quilt background... very cool!

  5. Excellent list! I may need to copy you!

  6. Zonkers! I LOVE lists (if you couldn't tell). Lists make my life easier, except for when I forget to make the list! LOL! GREAT list that you have too and in my opinion - very do-able! Don't you just LOVE crossing stuff off of your lists???? :) Sew On, Sarah!


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