Tuesday, June 1, 2010

To All Our Unsung Quilting "Heroes"....

Hi, all!

Tonight I am reminded to be grateful for my quilting "heroes" - those who, while they don't quilt, enable us to do what we love most with their support.  For me, that would be my husband - who never complains about dust in the corners, and who rubs my shoulders when I've spent a few hard hours wrestling with a quilt.  It would also be my granddaughter, who even at the age of two, realizes that a little appreciation goes a long way, and always extravagantly compliments my creations.  She also "complements" them by being my photography assistant!  And it's also the bloggers who share their creations with the world and inspire me to reach higher and farther - and teach me the proper way to use a seam ripper or apply a quilt binding.  Thanks to all of you!!!

Who are your "heroes"?  I'd love to hear.....




  1. Definitely the hubby...he doesn't mind a little dust either! I admire the great fabric designers who create the "bones" for all my quilts.

  2. Husband would have to come at the top of the list, without him taking some of the load I wouldn't be able to do much at all.
    Second would be my 'always-there-what-are-we-going-to-do-next-quilt-buddy', Marisa, as we inspire and encourage each other.
    I also think this wonderful 'blogosphere' of creative and craft people is totally magic! Amazing how just a few words from a fellow quilter/crafter makes us feel ten feet tall. Thank you for dropping by to leave such a lovely comment for me...

  3. I'd never thought about who my heroes are, but I too have to thank my husband for his quiet support that includes leaving me alone in my sewing room for hours at a time, offering advice on a layout when asked, and dropping me off at fabric shops when necessary. Also would have to say all the wonderful fellow quilters who have offered words of encouragement (like you!), etc. I'd have to say Bonnie Hunter for inspiring me to start again with her can-do attitude and easy-to-follow instructions on her site. And my late mom, of course, who got me started sewing way back when I was a kid. Good question, Sarah!

  4. Mine is The Hubs. In fact, just last night he asked me while eating dinner (that he fixed),"Are you gonna sew a little? You could get in about 45 minutes before we go to bed." Come to find out, he wanted to read a book! LOL! Anyhoo...he does support my quilting dream. Then my daughters (who started me in quilting to begin with). They listen to my CRAZY ideas and give me design and color combo opinions and sometimes I listen too. LOL. Will have to thank these peeps!


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