Monday, October 18, 2010

Make-A-List Monday #17!

Hi, all!

I hope you've had a good week - it's been a busy week here, but lots of fun!  My darling hubby took me to a fall festival (with quilt show) on Saturday - lots of lovely eye candy there and friendly quilters, too!  I'll have some pictures to post later on in the week of some of the beautiful quilts I saw there.   But now it's time to get down to business - making this week's list!  Here's how I did on last week's list....

1.  Finish both front and back of Welcome Home.  Done!  Miss Lilli really helped me by not helping so much this week....

The front...

...and the back!

2.  Quilt it!  Also done!  Here are a few pictures of the finished product - I'm very pleased with how this came came out!  I'll be doing a post Friday with more of the story behind this quilt.

So now - what's up for this week?

1.  Finish piecing the front and back of a disappearing 9-patch variation quilt to be given to a woman with cancer through the quilt ministry.

2.  Applique a t-shirt for a friend's 2-year old daughter.

3.  Work on repurposing my library area into a sewing studio.

4.  Hit the post office and mail off my bee blocks and prizes from the Fall Into Fall giveaway.

5.  Prepare for Wednesday night's quilt sampler class for new quilters at church!

6.  Quilt the disappearing 9-patch quilt from item 1.

7.  Pick out something special for my bloggy friends (what's it for? Here's a hint - hobbits!  Give me your best guess!)

Looks like it's going to be a busy week!  But I've got my Tuesdays and Thursdays back, since fall break is over - so no excuses!!  

What are you working on this week?




  1. i am always so impressed with your list of to do's and how much you get done every week. i did not get my friends tree skirt finished last week so i have to get cracking on that along with the breast cancer quilt i have been making. And because i have other pressing projects with deadlines, i chose to start a christmas quilt yesterday!!! crazy right?

  2. You quilts continue to amaze me!

    I'm on a clutter busting binge so I probably won't get much done in the sewing room. Although, I may have to tackle that room, too!

  3. love that quilt and the picture! Oooh! you get a sewing corner?? how fun! Maybe you'll take some pictures of that too?

  4. what a back it is!
    I was going to work on some applique, but I've just learnt I'll be in training at the end of the week, probably leaving the office a bit too late for that... We'll see...
    Have a great week.

  5. The Welcome Home quilt turned out beautifully. The back is as pretty as the front. The recipients will be so thrilled.

    So cool you're getting a sewing studio. :-)

    As for what I'm working on....2 weeks til the movers come! But we have most of the packing done, except for the last minute things.

  6. The backs of your quilts are always just as gorgeous as the front! Bravo! Another amazing finish! :D

  7. Love the house backing on that quilt! Such a perfect touch.

    Hobbits? Hm, you lost me there!

    PS - My word verification was "frohleato." Wasn't he a hobbit? :)

  8. Wonderful quilt! The backing is just adorable.

  9. Hobbits rule and we follow each others blogs. I would love to win anything.


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