Friday, October 22, 2010

Sew&Tell Friday - Five Ministry Quilts!

Hi, all!

It's Friday again, and I have had a good week - I have five quilts to show you!  I was really surprised that I had that many - it's been a busy week, even though others had a hand in making the baby quilts...

I showed you a preview of the first quilt on Monday when I recapped last week's to-do list.  But here's your formal introduction to the completed quilt, Welcome Home!

You may already be aware that back in May, the Nashville area went through a weekend of incredible weather, record-setting rainfalls, and unprecedented flooding.  Many families were flooded out of their houses, with water levels in some rising above eight feet.  Federal disaster aid was quickly forthcoming, but some folks did not qualify.  Our church became aware of one such family, and went out to see if they could help them clean up and refurbish their house.  When they arrived, they found the house to be neither livable nor fixable, so the decision was made to build the family a new house.  You can see the story of this process here - it really is neat to see how everything comes together!  

This is the second house our church has built.  However, when the first house was built we didn't have an active quilt ministry at our church.  This time we do, so the quilt ministry made this quilt to give to the family as a housewarming gift.  The pattern is Vickie Eapen's Flight of Geese (you can see more of Vickie's quilts on her blog, Spun Sugar Quilts).  I love it because the blocks look like little houses.....

The back of the quilt has an appliqued house, complete with birdbath, puppy and doghouse.  It's surrounded by siggy blocks that were inscribed by some of the people who worked on the house.   Our hope is that this will serve as a constant reminder to this family of God's love for them as demonstrated by the many many people who helped build their new home!  The family will receive the keys to their new house and this quilt during our church service on Sunday, October 24th.

Our hope is that this will serve as a constant reminder to this family of God's love for them as demonstrated by the many many people who helped build their new home!  The family will receive the keys to their new house and this quilt during our church service on Sunday, October 24th.

Now on to the second quilt!  This quilt was made for a lady in our church battling cancer.  She went on the list for a quilt about a week ago, but took a turn for the worse, so her quilt was bumped up to the top of the list.  Take a look at "Garden Stroll".....

I love this fabric - it's Moda's May Pole.  I won four charm packs from Hollyhock Quilts, and two of them were May Pole, so I decided to give this Moda Bake Shop tutorial a tweek and a whirl!  I made the sashing and borders six inches wide to bring the quilt to the size I wanted....

The back of the quilt is a piece of fabric I found at Goodwill - a beautiful paisley that pulls most of the colors from the charm pack.  The off-center square has Bible verses and song lyrics written on it.

It's quilted all in swirls - I think I've forgotten how to do anything else, after Not Your Grandmother's Flower Garden!  I'll need to do some practicing of other types of FMQ to get out of the swirlie rut....  ;-)

And now, last but not least, (for the quilts, anyway!) we delivered three more flannel baby quilts to church this week....

A sweet little boy's quilt, made by a member of
our Wednesday night sewing group...

If you think this looks familiar, you're right -
I forgot to take a picture of the one I took this morning!
So this is a place saver till I get a shot of it....

Deborah's first quilt!!

And now, last but definitely not least, I am stating for the record that I have the best husband in the world!  Look at what he brought me yesterday.....

This man knows my love languages!  Flowers and Chocolate!!

Well, if you've made it this far, thanks for sticking with me until the end of this ridiculously long post!  I appreciate you more than you know!!!

I'll be linking up to Amy's Sew & Tell Friday - be sure to hop over there and see what wonderful things everyone's finished this week!

Have a great weekend!!



  1. That Welcome Home quilt is amazing. I wouldn't know whether to put it on my bed, or hang it on a wall! The back is my favorite. Cool story. What a great ministry.

  2. Just marvellous!! Love the 'Flight of Geese' quilt. The back is super. What a wonderful thing to do. That May Pole is just so pretty. It can't but brighten a dull day and give promise.

  3. That's the BACK?? I love it!! That is a truly reversible quilt. (The house one I mean.)

    You sure keep yourself busy with sewing for others. You have a kind and generous heart to put so much effort into "charity" quilts. A lot of people don't. Kudos!

  4. I love the home quilt. I REALLY love the home quilt story. I have many friends in Nashville. Thank you for your ministry. WONDERFUL!!

    You have been very busy this week. They are all beautiful.

  5. It's a ridiculously productive post, Sarah. :-) Such beautiful quilts. I'm sorry that someone had to be bumped to the top of your quilt ministry list. I'm sure the quilt will tell her how much she's cared for. You picked some really cheerful fabric.

  6. Great Week! Your inspiration is amazing. With the amount you are able to accomplish, I can only image what you would do with the Accu Go! Every time I see a giveaway, I think of how badly you need one. Thank you for sharing with wonderful stories and quilts.

  7. What a wonderful story from your church and the quilt is the perfect addition. Truly inspiring!

  8. These are all such wonderful quilts! I wish I could be a fly on the wall when that house quilt is presented tomorrow. I bet there will be tears of joy!

  9. Wonderful quilts and a wonderful church!

  10. I agree with Miri. You've got a lot to show for your week and I'm sure you're thankful for your church!

  11. Your work is wonderful! You really are quite talented!

  12. Love reading about your ministry quilts. I was involved in a prayer quilt ministry for 5 years and they are dear to my heart. The new house story is really special. What a neat church group.

    Blessings. Keep up the good work.

  13. I am in awe. those quilts are wonderful. and the Flight of Geese, better than the original. I do hope you consider adding it to my flickr group

  14. You do BEAUTIFUL work and for wonderful ministries ! God bless you and keep you going at your good deeds ( and they are GORGEOUS! ) .


  15. You take my breath away! So many quilts and projects! Do you sleep???

  16. Wow! So many wonderful quilts. I'm certain they'll all be loved and appreciated!

  17. I love the welcome home quilt! That's really gorgeous. I love the simple lines in it.


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