Friday, June 15, 2012

Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? A Summer Project...

Hi, all!

And it's Friday again!  Are you ready to get your whoop whoop on?

This week I worked on a summer project - what to do with the grade schoolers during Kidz Dayz In The Glade - our annual summer camp in July.  The first year, we made pillowcases for the Million Pillowcase project.  Last year, (thanks to my friend Kathy), the kids made jelly roll race quilts for the quilt ministry.  And this year, here's what we are going to make...

The kids will be making this quilt top for the NOLA Project - and hopefully I'll be able to get some of them quilted during the week, so they can see the finished project!  Quick and easy, I think it will be simple for them to put this one together in a couple of hour long sessions, and still have time to make something for themselves.

So this week, I've been making kits for the project!

We'll be having two breakout groups, with eight kids in each - so sixteen kits need to be made.  I haven't made all of those shown above - it's been a group effort - and so far we have ten kits made.  Still a ways to go, but it's a start!  We'll probably make some extras, too, so we've got some easy kits on hand that can be made up quickly on Wednesday nights.  It's so much fun pulling these kits together from our stash of cute kid fabric!

And I've also been working on another summer project...

....tummy time....

...and happy smiles!!  (No, her face isn't really that wide - it's just really hard to get a good pic of a moving baby!!)

So that's my whoop whoop for the week!  Now it's your turn to share - what have you been working on?  Join in the party and get some whoops!!  Be sure to check out the other links, too, and give some whoops - it's lots of fun to see what everyone's working on!!




  1. Great quilt project and with juvenile prints will be so cute. Oh, moving targets - found the same problem with the grands' birthday parties - not a clean shot of anything or anyone!.

  2. Sarah..Where do you get all the fabric for the quilt ministry?? I'm still working on this, slow and steady but still working.

  3. Quilting camp for kids - awesome! Love those smiles!

  4. There's that pretty baby, wiggles and all! Looks like a fun project in store for the camp kids!

  5. Yay for tummy time! She'll be moving before you know it. I can't believe my little one is already 9 months old! And my oldest turns 3 in 3 weeks!! Where does time go?

    Love the quilt, it's SO bright and cheery!

  6. She is just so beautiful! Great idea on the kiddo quilts too!

  7. Wow - what an ambitious project for the kids! They will have so much fun!!! And of course your *other summer project* is coming along beautifully! She is just adorable!!!

  8. Oh, I hear you on the moving target in photos! I'm trying to get a shot for my husband for Father's day and there's always a blur!

    She's a darling girl - you are one lucky grandma!

  9. She is so cute.
    The kits for Kidz Day look great! They are going to have so much fun. It is so good of you to put it all together.

  10. Friday didn't go as planned so I'm a little late in responding, but I love that quilt pattern for the kids. And of course, your little one is adorable. I can't believe how big she has gotten already!

  11. I like your summer projects, especially the tummy time and happy smiles one.


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