Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What's Cookin' At The Sweatshop? Teaching the Young ones!

Hi, all!

We've had a very busy week at the sweatshop!  Only a couple of quilts have gone out, but there's a reason for that....  Here are the two quilts we've finished this week.

Both of these beautiful tops were donated to us by Verda, a new friend I met through Brita, who brought a group of her friends on a FART (Fabric Acquisition Road Trip) to my neck of the woods.  The top quilt is going to a woman in Canada with leukemia, and the bottom quilt is going to a woman here locally who is dealing with a rare blood disorder; she is undergoing chemotherapy to help her with the symptoms of her disease.  

(Just a side note - my husband has pointed out that with the quilt that is going to Canada, our ministry has now gone completely international - we've received donations from other countries, but this is the first time that we've sent a quilt internationally, I think!)

And here are some pictures that show the reason for our low output this week...

Summer Camp begins!!

Working on her quilt

Learning how to pin properly...

First time using a sewing machine!

Plus there's been a good bit of this going on...

The little princess holding court....

....which someone finds to be totally exhausting!!

This quilting business is hard work!

But we can't forget about the first little princess....

Isn't she growing up fast?
So that's what we've been working on here at The Sweatshop! I'll have pictures of the thirteen completed quilt tops from camp next week - be sure to check back!  The girls have worked so hard and done a great job on their quilt tops!

Oh - and don't forget, there's still time to enter in the giveway!!  Go to this post for the details - winner will be announced on Friday!  (And by the way, I'm trying to get to 700 followers - only five more to go - and then another giveaway!!)



PS I'll be linking up with Quilting For Good Tuesdays over at Quilts Are For Giving!!  Come over and join in the fun!!


  1. The girls look like they're having a great time! (Big girls included!)

  2. Seeing those little girls learning to make quilts and sew just warms my heart. Pretty, pretty princesses! I think Princess 2 looks a lot like her older sister already.

  3. Good things going on here as usual. Congrats on going international!!! That is awesome!!! The girls learning to quilt is fabulous. Always good to recruit new fabric addicts.

  4. I neglected to blog or email you to tell you what fun it was to meet you! And even more,your darling little Princess :-) Thank you for doing so much, I'm happy you and Verda met, no telling how many bazillion quilts will find homes between the two of you!

  5. I think it is just wonderful to teach those little girls how to quilt it is something they will never forget and I loves their quilts they were so good. I am a couple days behind on reading blogs. Your grandchildren are just so sweet, aren't they fun.

  6. Montedo é o ministro da economia brasileiro e os nossos carros já estão com o IPVA SP pagos e o Licenciamento anual em dia. E o nosso Coluna do Flamengo ?


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