Monday, July 30, 2012

Make-A-List Monday - Getting Back in the Groove!

Hi, all!

Vacation is over - - - and it was a lot of fun!!  I'm rested, tanned for the first time in over a year, and had a wonderful time with my wonderful hubby!!  We ate too much, slept late, went to movies, spent hours on the beach - a fabulous time!!

So even though my list was short last week, let's see how I did....

1.  Work on my vacation quilt.
Done!  Well, sort of...

... because my hubby didn't like the fabric I was going to use for the outer border, so I ordered a Kate Spain Serenade print that we both liked better - it should be here tomorrow or Wednesday, so I can finish this off.  But isn't it pretty with the sun shining through it?

2.  Enjoy some sun, beach, breeze, good food, and my DH!
Definitely Done!!!

So last week was a success, even though it was a short list - I had a lot of fun working on something just for me!  Can't do that at home - too many ministry quilts needing work most of the time!  So yes, sewing is allowed on vacation when it's something fun!!

And now let's see what's on tap for this week...

1.  Make a back for a woman's quilt needed for the ministry.

2.  Add borders and make a back for a second woman's quilt needed for the ministry.

3.  Quilt and bind both of those quilts.

4.  Bind two children's quilts for Phoenix Quilts.

5.  Work on an upholstery project for a friend.

Not too long a list, and I may get more done than this, but it's a start and do-able!!


And I wanted to share a video with you, but I'm having trouble getting it from my daughter due to file size.  Hopefully I'll get it soon, but for now the picture above will have to do.  What you are seeing is Emmalyn hearing for the first time!  She was born with very little hearing in her left ear, none in her right ear - but last Friday she got her hearing aids and heard her mom and dad's voices for the first time!  Doesn't she look happy?  (That's my beautiful daughter holding her, by the way!  She looks pretty happy too!)  Lilli is very excited about the hearing aids - she says they are pink because Emmy is a girl!)

And speaking of Lilli, look at how she's growing up...

Isn't she beautiful?


So now the question is.....  what are you working on this week?




  1. Sweet little Emmy! I am glad to know she is hearing more now with her aids. She looks like quite the happy camper.

    I LOVE your vacation quilt! It has the perfect summery colors.

  2. Oh,I hope you can get that video up. So wonderful!

    And I love your quilt - it just LOOKS like summer.

  3. Your quilt is beautiful.

    Hurray fr little ears that can now hear.

  4. Such sweet little grandbaby girls! So blessed for Emmy to now hear!!! PTL! Love your top...I'm in love with everything that resembles a pinwheel. Glad you had a great time of R&R away with your DH. That's what vacations are for...time to re-charge the batteries.

  5. Yes, that sure is a really neat effect! Great picture of the quilt at this stage. I love Serenade. Can't wait to see it on this quilt. Will be FAB.

  6. And, OH!!! How exciting for your grandbaby's first hearing. :D My sister works in that exact field and this experience right here is her favorite to witness. So very, very special. I'm so happy for your family.

  7. Such miracles these days - I would love to see the video - the photo does show the happiness in all. And, love the 'vacation' quilt - certainly a great reminder of a hot summer vacation.

  8. Oh, I'm so happy for your grandbaby, and her family! That smile is worth it, I'd say.

    And LOVE your vacation quilt. LOVE IT! I'm a sucker for orange these days. Can't wait to see the finished quilt with the new compromise fabric.

  9. The little one is so cute! I hope they are already signing to her too! Two languages are better than one!

  10. Oh, what sweet granddaughters! That photo just melts my heart:) The good news for Emmy is that technology continues to improve for hearing impairment.

  11. I adore that orange quilt, love, love! And sweet little Emmy, awww. So glad she can have a hearing aid!

  12. How sweet both of your granddaughters are. It is so wonderful that she is going to hear some, I didn't know that they made them so small. Our grandson is blind ,no sight in rt eye and maybe one percent in left eye because we know he sees light and dark. We hope someday they will have bionic eye's. Anything we can do for these little one's is wonderful. Blessings to both of your granddaughter's and to their wonderful grandmother.

  13. So much beauty in your family! Guess they had to inherit that from someone!

  14. Welcome back! I'm so glad you had time to relax and sew. The quilt is gorgeous!
    What adorable granddaughters! How special that you were able to see a video of little Emmalyn hearing for the first time! What a miracle!

  15. How exciting for your family! I look forward to seeing the video, but the look on her face says it all.
    The quilt is beautiful. My week will be filled with houseguests and not much quilting, but that is okay. Back to quilting after next Tuesday.

  16. My cousin was born deaf, and, when they found out, the adoption agency tried to reverse the adoption. My aunt wouldn't let them, it was her little girl. Back then, hearing aids were attached to a box that you had to wear. They've come such a long way in 40 years. Such little cuties! Love that pinwheel quilt.

  17. Oh LOVE the photos of the girls. Lilli is quite the young lady isn't she! Grandad better get his shotgun ready!!

    Such a lovely pic of Emmy and she will have a whole new world available to her now she can hear.

  18. Lilli and Emmalyn are so sweet. Of course I love the quilt, but especially love the colors.

  19. Oh, Sarah!

    Your post is inspiring and so HAPPY!

    "Emmalyn hearing for the first time!" ...

    Makes my day, week, summer, ... year!

    Your girls (daughter and granddaughters) are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!

    So glad you had a nice vacation ... and my gosh, your blending of those fabrics is BRILLIANT!! As others noted, it's like the glow of SUMMER perfectly personified! Love it.

    All the best with your ambitious, kind, and always-thinking-of-others "to do" list.


  20. What a fun and bright orange vacation quilt. Love it! A fun post and so-o-o-o-o glad you had a great vacation! (I'm still using my "bottle tan")


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