Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What's Cookin' At The Sweatshop - A Mess of Quilts!

Hi, all!

Why oh why did I wait so long to update the Sweatshop posts?  We've got a lot of quilts to show that have been given out since my last post on July 11th - so let's get started!

This first quilt was given to a man who had open heart surgery, then suffered a stroke.  He is in rehab in Illinois.  I pieced these blocks, and Joanna put them together into this beautiful top.

This quilt, which was pieced by Joanna from blocks donated by Sharon, was given to a woman who was just diagnosed with breast cancer.

Another beautiful "Sharon" top, this one was given to a young woman recently diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer.

This beautiful quilt, made from a layer cake of Good Fortune donated by Jamie in Louisiana, and pieced by Debora, went to a woman in Texas who has been dealing with breast cancer and has now found out that it has spread to her bones.

This quilt now belongs to a woman who was told she has a tumor in her lung.  They are still trying to determine a course of treatment for her.

This beautiful quilt top was donated to us by Lisa, and is now brightening the day of a young woman with breast cancer.

This quilt, made with some more of Sharon's Roll Roll Cotton Boll blocks, was given to a man with small cell carcinoma, who has been told that he only has a few more months to live.

This beautiful quilt was given to a man with a very aggressive form of colon cancer.

This beautiful quilt, pieced by Emilie, was given to a woman dealing with cancer.

And this pretty quilt was given to a woman who is dealing with the effects of a badly broken ankle and diabetes complications.  She is in rehab right now.

And this adorable quilt top, made with Eric Carle fabrics and donated by Katie of Swim, Bike, Quilt, has been given to a five year old boy with cancer.  He has been going through chemo and is in the hospital right now.

And finally, this pretty quilt, made by Kathy, has been given to a five year old girl just diagnosed with leukemia.

So many of these quilts were made from tops or blocks donated by many of you generous quilt bloggers, and we so appreciate your donations, even if my feeble memory has failed to connect your name with the quilt top.  Please forgive me!!  We could not possibly meet all the needs that come up without your help!!  You are a vital part of our ministry, and much appreciated....

That's what we've been working on this month - what have you been doing on the charity quilting front lately?



PS I'm linking up to the Quilting For Good linky party - come join in the fun!!


  1. So much heartache. And so much good. I love reading these. Do you need more quilt tops? I can send some in a month or so...

  2. Yes, like Katie, I have more tops and blocks that need passing on - in a week or two. Know you can use them. All the quilts are wonderful - really like that pattern with the green and pink whirly gigs of different sizes - would like that pattern - if I can't figure it out myself.

  3. Hi Sarah, I am constantly amazed by all that your ministry does for those in need. It just brings joy to my heart that you give them all these quilty hugs, you are all angels..

    Hugs for all of you!


  4. WOW - your group makes so many wonderful quilts! Particularlyy love the small Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll and the Spiral Log Cabin. Congrats to all :)

  5. Wow, you all are doing such good work. Prayers and good thoughts to all :)

  6. So much love given in the past month. Quilters are amazing people.

  7. I just marvel at all the beautiful quilts your Ministry donate every week. When I see so many people with cancer my heart aches and makes me feel sad. Thanks to all of the people out there who contribute to make strangers feel better. Blessings to all of you Sandra


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