Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What's Cookin' At The Sweatshop - Another Busy Week!

Hi, all!

Another week, another big pile of quilts!  It's been busy, but hopefully this catches us up for a bit, so I can work on quilting the summer camp quilts that will be going to New Orleans!  Let's see what we did this week....

The front...

...and the back!

This very bright and patriotic quilt, pieced by Emilie, will be going to a young Marine who is suffering from PTSD.  

This pretty postage stamp quilt, also pieced by Emilie, will be going to a young woman dealing with cancer and Crohn's disease.  Notice the little flowers in the detail picture?  They cover up a "booboo" in the border.  Don't you just love applique? 

This soft print quilt (made by me! surprise surprise!) will be going to a young woman who is going through a difficult time right now. We seem to be branching out into encouragement quilts a bit - it's a nice addition to the types of quilts we make!

This sunny, cheerful quilt will be brightening the day of another woman dealing with cancer.  

And this bright and colorful quilt is going to a lady batting cancer.  Katy, one of our ministry members, met her husband in an airport while waiting for a plane, and felt led to send her a quilt.  Isn't it neat when an opportunity to help someone comes along?

This last quilt, made by Cindy, has a very special story.  Originally intended for a friend who was in the last stages of cancer, it instead was given to the friend's daughter.  You can read the whole story here on the Quilts Are For Giving blog - it's definitely worth hopping over and checking out.

So that's what we've been working on this week.  Next week, we've got to buckle down and get those summer camp quilts finished for the New Orleans trip - that should keep us busy!  Lots of quilting and binding to come.....  I can't wait to see all the quilts for New Orleans in one place - it's going to be an impressive pile of love and comfort!!

Thanks to all the people who participated in making and delivering the quilts above - from the donors to the people who put them together to those who take them to the recipients, each of you are important to the final outcome and very much appreciated!!




  1. Ooh, love the one you made! And the appliqué is smart, smart, smart!

  2. Wonderful quilts which will make someone feel cherished I'm sure. Love the sailing ship fabric on the back of the first one, great choice!

  3. All beautiful quilts. Thank you for sharing the touching story behind the red quilt.

  4. Funny, when my friends and I get together to sew pillowcases for the soldiers, we call it the "sweat shop". haha! We love to do it, though. The quilt YOU made, is it a Moda Bake Shop pattern? Is it strips sewn together then put round and round instead of end to end?? I think I see wider and thinner strips? HELP! Thanks for all the good work you do!

    Mary Malone

    mary and russ at wi dot rr dot com

  5. My day and weekend just got all flipped around so my brain's not back on track yet. Anyway, I love your write-ups so I opened it and am scrolling down and I read, "soft porn" not "soft print". It was just the laugh I needed! Thanks for your weekly encouragement by your group's kindness to others (and the unintentional laugh).

  6. Hugs to you all. Love your blog, and the ministry of quilt giving... and I especially like that you don't know the recipients personally. That's true giving, in my book.
    I didn't understand the story about meeting her husband at an airport. Did he send her a quilt?
    Hugs (and keep on keeping on!)

  7. Everytime I read your posts with quilts made for the ministry I just tear up and praise our Savior for His great love that is displayed through His children. May God continue to bless you and the quilt ministry.

  8. Thanks for sharing these beautiful quilts.


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