Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Make-A-List Monday - on Tuesday (oops!)

Hi, all!

So much for big plans - I sat down last night on the sofa to watch a little tv and write a blog post - and woke up two hours later!  So here's Make-A-List Monday - on Tuesday!

Here's how I did on last week's list....

1.  Bind three ministry quilts.

2.  Make a back for a ministry quilt.
3.  Quilt and bind that quilt.

4.  Quilt and bind the Rabbit Hole quilt.
Quilted but not bound - hopefully today!

5.  Quilt two quilts for Phoenix Quilts.
Done, but I don't have pictures yet...

6.  Work on my friend's upholstery project.
Didn't get to this one...

7.  Meet with my sewing sisters on Saturday!
We had a ball!!

I also quilted four of the quilts that the girls made at summer camp this past July - they're ready for some of the other ladies to bind!  And I quilted a quilt for the ministry, for a lady with cancer.

So not too bad - a few things missed, that I'll need to try to get to this week.  I've got lots to do this week, but just used the last of my roll of batting - which is going to slow me down!  There's more coming, it's just not here yet.  But if it comes in, here's what I need to do this week...

If the batting comes in...
1.  Quilt the remaining nine summer camp quilts. (They're small!)

2.  Quilt three more quilts for adult needs for the quilt ministry.

If the batting doesn't come in....
3.  Bind the Rabbit Hole quilt.

4.  Work on my friend's upholstery project.

5.  Piece some backs for the stack of tops at church.

That's enough to keep me out of trouble this week!

And now the question is - - - what are you working on this week?




  1. Well, you need to add that nap to your list - they are good for you! I plan on quilting that pile of tops stacked on 'that' chair!!!

  2. That batting can really slow things down! You have to have it, after all!
    Good job!

  3. You are so great at getting lots of quilting done! :D

  4. Oh Sarah, you get my whoop whoop 3 days earls then! The amount of finishes amazes me every time and I admire your energy and comittment to such a great cause! Love your "rabbithole" Quilt and am curious to see which binding you choose :o))) This time I found you over at Quilt Story.

  5. Sarah, Amazing as always! I really wish I could work at your speed. My biggest wish would be to learn how to free motion quilt. Since I can't get the hang of it yet, my machine quilting is limited to anything straight! Lol.
    My to do list this week is small... Layer my Hanui quilt, get it quilted and bound! Don't know that I will finish, but I will sure try.

  6. Ha ha - I did the same thing and posted my Monday list today! You are getting a whole lot more done than I am. I'll be happy to baste and start quilting just one quilt.

  7. Great job! As for me, the priority this month was the move: so all boxes are unpacked and we only need to hang the pictures. Hurray, and in two weeks! As soon as I come back home from vacation (planned before we knew we were moving...), I have to quilt a quilt for our quilt guild auction, finish a bed size quilt I cut fabric for, make two samples for an art quilt class... Yikes!

  8. Love the swirl in the Rabbit Hole quilt - very clever :)

  9. Sorry, I got nuttin'. When you get a chance, please email me the address to send you a package. You'll love it! Sewing studio is a total disaster area. Several shelves are gone, some stil are full and there are open boxes everywhere!

  10. Hi, Sarah. I must say, I get tired just reading your list! Your energy and perseverance is to be commended. Awfully cute quilts you're doing.
    best from Tunisia,


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