Friday, August 10, 2012

Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? A Feather in my Cap...

Hi, all!

Friday has rolled around again - and it's time to get your whoop whoop on!!  I was really pushing to get something done in time, but it's done enough that I can share something new about it, so here goes....

I did the quilting on the pattern tester quilt I did for Angela of Cut To Pieces today!  Because this will be a play mat for Emmy, I decided to try out some giant feathers, one spray in each of the branches of the design.  This is my first time quilting feathers, and needless to say, they are really rough....

...but I don't think Emmy will mind, and it was good practice!  I think it was easier to start by practicing them large - I've got a good feel for the motions involved in making them, and I think I'll be able to do them better in the future.  The next time I have some spare time without a pile of quilts to quilt up, I'll load some junk fabric and a contrasting thread on Jolene and practice a bunch more!

I do love the back of this quilt - a great piece from IKEA!  They have such lovely large scale prints to use for backings....

So all this quilt needs now is binding, and it will be ready to become a well-loved play mat.  It's certainly colorful!!  Angela's pattern will be coming out soon - it's called Down The Rabbit Hole.  I really recommend it - it's a great design, super simple to make, and she's already done the (very complicated) math for you!   The top of this quilt took me less than an hour to put together once it was cut out - that's hard to beat!  And it worked up to about 60" across, a great size for a lap quilt or play mat.


And now it's your turn!

What have you been working on this week?

What made you dance a happy dance?

We want to dance, too - so share!

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  1. This pattern always reminds me of James Bond :) Looks great.

  2. Oooh, I like that pattern. Is it all two kinds of triangle around the central hexagon?

    Love that backing fabric, too - hooray for Ikea!

  3. What a fun quilt to practice feathers on. I still have a bit of stiffness in my feathers. You're lucky to have a long arm to practice on, so you really can have the movement to get them right.

    You're right Emmy won't mind your practice feathers! I think you're doing great!

  4. I love that design and your feathers look pretty darn good to me! :)

  5. Fun playmat!! The feathers are perfect for it:)

  6. What a great pattern. I'll have to keep my eye out for it. It really turned out pretty!

  7. Hi Sarah, not sure what happened to entry #18 - the picture didn't appear, so I reentered, you may delete #18. Thanks!

  8. Hi Sarah, I love that pattern! And what a great spot to try out feathers--they look great! I had the same problem as Carolyn and uploaded a second time, but now the first one is working. Sorry...hope you can delete one!

  9. I saw where Angela was asking for testers. You definitely get a whoop whoop!!

  10. That looks like a fun pattern - and a very bright finish for you! Whoop! whoop!

  11. That is a very cool pattern. Nice job with the feather quilting!

  12. Oh my gosh! What beautiful feathering - and you were just practicing? I can't wait to see what happens when you mean business :*) Great Job!!!


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