Friday, September 21, 2012

Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? Lots of Random...

Hi, all!

It's Friday again - can you believe it?  Time sure flies when you're having fun - and I've been having a wonderful time piecing this week - something I don't get to do a whole lot of when I'm able to quilt!!

So this is one thing I pieced this week - Lilli's quilt for Christmas....

I love this fabric, and Heather's pattern worked up really quick and easy!  I can't wait to quilt it up - still trying to decide exactly what pattern to use....

I also found out, this afternoon, that dump and sew blocks are horribly addictive (gee thanks, Beth!)  I worked these up in a couple of hours this afternoon and had to make myself stop long enough to eat supper and write this blog post!

Aren't they gorgeous?  I can't believe how much fun they are to make - I foresee a lot of these in my future!

And I'm really whooping over this - all the quilts we've collected to send to New Orleans at the end of the month, spread out like one giant quilty hug!!  I think the final count will be seventy - collected through Hands2Help, church summer camp, and quilts that our ministry ladies made throughout the spring and summer.  Isn't that amazing?

And now just a couple of random photos...

This little guy was sitting on my gate this morning - this is very close-up, because he's only about the size of my thumbnail!  But he sat very politely and let me take his picture...

And here's Miss Lilli - ice cream really makes her day!!  She's such a sweetie and I love that smile....

So that's what I'm whooping about this week!!

And now it's your turn!

What have you been working on this week?

What made you... a happy dance?

Share!  We want to dance along with you!!

The linky party will stay open until Sunday night.

Be there or be square!!




  1. Love the quilts all lined up. They look fabulous. Your dump and sew blocks are gorgeous. Here we call it "off the floor". It's sewing the bits that would be left on the floor into something.LOL. The frog is great. He looks like moldy moss. Love him!

  2. Forgot to say thanks for the link up

  3. I love the colors you chose for Lilli's quilt, pink and gray is one of my favorite combinations. I'm sure her smile when she sees it will be just as big as the smile from ice cream :-)

    What an amazing photo of all those quilts! Quilters truly are the nicest, most generous people!

    I haven't tried dump and sew yet because I know it'll be addictive. Your blocks look great. Perfect autumn colors!

    Thanks for the link-up, Sarah!

  4. How neat to see all the donated quilts! Love quilters that share with others!

  5. Wonderful showing of quilts. WOW - seventy. Beautiful smile on Lilli, she will love the quilt. Looks like some fun fabric. Lovely autumn D&S blocks. Have a great day!

  6. That is so many quilts! I first thought it was a bunch of blocks until I took in the scale of the building! Oh wow, that really is a big quilty hug.

  7. Your dump and sew blocks are the same as my crumb chaos. Great minds think alike. See my post.

  8. Now that's the kind of carpet I love to see! Just beautiful!

  9. Oh yes, you get my whoop whoop! For your blocks, Lilly's christmas quilt but especially for collecting 70 quilts for a great cause!!!
    Well done, Sarah ;o)))

  10. I love your quilt top! Miss Lilli is a doll.. look at that blonde hair and sweet smile. :) That is one tiny frog who looks like he got dripped on by green paint-ha, and what an amazing collection of charity quilts! Linking up this week. :)

  11. Love those dump and sew blocks...very pretty! And yes, very addictive!

  12. Sarah, you've got my whoop whoop, lovethe autumn colored blocks! Cute frog-y too

  13. Nice projects and pictures! How fun to see all those quilts on the floor. You must have been hanging from the rafters to get that bird's eye view!

  14. Yeah for quilty hugs! Yes it is amazing and wonderful! Good work from you and all that helped.

    Lilli's quilt is lovely. she is sure to love it and you'll get to see that cute smile again. :)

  15. Oh my, she is getting so big! Love that movie star hair/smile. Dump blocks? Sound like fun!


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