Monday, September 17, 2012

Make-A-List Monday - Making Progress!

Hi, all!

It's been a beautiful week here in Middle Tennessee - but we're getting lots of rain today!  That makes for great sewing weather, though - yipee!!

Here's how I did on last week's list...

1.  Keep working on the pattern book for the quilt ministry.
The work in progress is still a work in progress...

2.  Start sewing on the quilts for Lilli and Emmy.
Done!  I finished Emmy's top...

...and I made the snowball blocks for Lilli's quilt top.

3.  Make two quilt backs for the quilt ministry.
I made one back, but the other one is still pending.

4.  Put borders on a small quilt top for the ministry.
Didn't get to this one!

5.  Teach a couple of friends how to use Jolene!
One of my friends came over, and she learned how to use Jolene, quilting a top for the quilt ministry.

6.  Work on Emmy's cross-stitched Christmas stocking.
Done - or at least coming long!  Here's how it looked last Monday...

...and here's how it looks today!

Slow but steady wins the race, right?

Want to see part of why I didn't get everything on the list done?  Saturday we met for our monthly sewing meeting, and set out all the quilts that are going to New Orleans for a picture...

Many of these quilts came to us as part of Hands2Help!
...and then Saturday afternoon, we took our daughter and granddaughters to the zoo!!

So Saturday was a busy day all around!

And here's what's on the list for this week...

1.  Make a backing for a quilt for the ministry.

2.  Put borders on a ministry quilt and make a backing.

3.  Finish Lilli's quilt top.

4.  Work on Emmy's stocking.

5.  Work on the ministry pattern book.

6.  Dump out my scraps and make some dump blocks!

OK - that's enough for this week!  I'm hoping to get released from some of my restrictions so I can start quilting again next week - we'll see how it goes!  Keep your fingers crossed...

So now, the question is - - - what are you working on this week?




  1. Emmy's top is great!!! And wow you are making great headway on the stocking.

  2. Emmy's quilt top is so sweet!!
    So many wonderful quilts going to New Orleans! You did good, Sarah.

  3. Emmy's quilt is so sweet - just love the bunny and fabric line. And that stocking will get done on time. Wow, look at all those quilts, bless everyone who contributed.

  4. Oh wow, what a great photo! Fabulous richness of colorful hugs! Kate

  5. How is it Mondays come so quickly?!

  6. I am still working on my mom's Dresden Plate quilt.

  7. I don't know how you can say you stopped quilting you looked as busy as usual. How are you doing really?

  8. Emmy's top is adorable!! Just love it. And will you look at all those quilts ready to go to NO, how wonderful!

  9. That finished quilt top is to die for! I adore the rabbit! Simply beautiful.

  10. Love that quilt top. The colors are so fun and unique. That picture of all those quilts for New Orleans is impressive as well.


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