Friday, November 8, 2013

Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? Breathing A Sigh Of Relief...

Hi, all!

Here it is, Friday again - already!!  It's amazing how fast time seems to fly near the end of the year…  Are you ready to get your whoop whoop on?  I am!

I finally got Lilli's quilt for this year (an annual Christmas gift) cut out and pieced, and I am totally breathing a sigh of relief about it!!    I know now that, even if I have to stay up until the wee hours on Christmas eve, I'll have it finished for Christmas morning!  The pattern is Perfect Ten, and the fabric is Let's Pretend by Sarah Jane.  I love the fabric for Lilli - she's always pretending something, and it's what I want both of us to remember about this past year.  

I also made this really cute table runner - it's a new pattern by  Heather and Megan over at QuiltStory.  It already has a new home in my eye doctor's office, because when I went in for my appointment last week, he asked me where his quilt was.  He was kind of disappointed until I explained to him that he didn't really want a quilt from me, because I usually make quilts for people who are sick!  When I was making this runner, I thought it might be nice to share a little quilt with him and his wonderful staff - 
and they loved it!!

And here's my friend Sara with the quilt top she finished this week!  It took her a while and a bit of "frog stitching", 
but she did a great job!  

So those are some of the things I'm whooping about this week!! 


And now it's your turn!

What have you been working on this week?

What's made you dance the happy dance?

Share with us, so we can dance along!!

The party will stay open until Sunday night - 

So there's plenty of time to join in.

Hope to see you there!!




  1. I love that quilt. So cute. Your Dr will be happy to see his new quilt, I'm sure!

  2. Beautiful quilt it. The table runner and your friend's quilt is fabulous too. Thank you so much for hosting the linky party. Have a great weekend. Marie x

  3. Honestly, your refreshing 'modern' designs are inspiring me to go back to making some patchwork quilts!

  4. Love the Quilt. Good on you for finishing.

  5. I love Lilli's quilt! It looks fun but easy to make! Funny dentist story....sounds like you had a great week! YAH!!!

  6. Your production just amazes me! And seeing your projects always cheers me up. That runner is really cool, very unique. Good on you getting a jump on your Christmas gift to Lilli--she will love it!

  7. So excited to have a finish to share with you this week!

    Great compromise with your Dr.
    That's a super quilt for Lilli! So fun!

  8. What a cute table runner! I bet he liked it... Now, what does 'frog stitching' mean?

  9. Love the quilt top for your grand :) Sweet tradition! Love the table topper for your doctor too... I have a wall hanging to make for one of mine! lol Thanks for sharing your talent AND for hosting the Linky every Friday ! Whoop :) Kathi

  10. I love that Christmas table runner! What is frog stitching? I've probably done it but didn't know, lol.

    I am working on two wall hangings at the moment. Hoping to get one of them done or almost done this weekend.

  11. Lilli's quilt is charming and I'm sure you'll get it finished and she will love it :)

  12. I've made that Swirly Girls perfect 10 pattern too. It's a great pattern: very clear directions and a quick project. I made mine out of Halloween fabric several years ago. It is not my favorite quilt due to my fabric choices, but I still love the pattern.

  13. When I see your sewing accomplishments you always continue to motivate me to keep on sewing. These quilts will bring much joy and comfort to others. Thanks for all you do.

  14. Lilli's quilt is just perfection for a pretty little girl! Great job, Sarah!


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