Monday, November 25, 2013

Make-A-List Monday - Things to be Thankful For!

Hi, all!

Well, it's Monday again - how did that happen?  LOL!  Anyway, I'm in Richmond this morning, getting ready to head over to my FIL's house to help clean out my MIL's sewing room.  She had quite a stash of fabrics and an even larger stash of quilting books that we need to sort through and find homes for.  I think most of the fabric is spoken for, but I have literally hundreds of quilting books, all in very nice condition, that need homes. If you live in the Richmond area and are interested in hauling them all off (maybe to share with your guild?) please email me and let me know!  Otherwise they may go to the local library or Goodwill.

And even though I'm not at home, it's still Make-A-List Monday, so here's how last week's list went

1.  Quilt two quilts for the ministry.
Done!  The blocks for both of these quilts were donated by Sharon.  The top quilt was pieced by Joanna and the bottom quilt by Deb. Aren't they gorgeous?
This quilt went to an elderly woman in our church who fell and broke her shoulder and pelvis.

…and this quilt went to a woman in a nursing home with dementia who will be celebrating her 85th birthday today.

2.  Make a dog lead for a friend.
Done, but unfortunately no picture!

3.  Finish the antique quilt repair.
(Cue the Hallelujah Chorus) It's done!!!  Woohoo!!

I'm so happy with the way this turned out!

4.  Sew up the butcher aprons.
Started, but not finished yet.  I'm hoping to finish these before Thanksgiving so I can hand them over to their recipient at Thanksgiving dinner!

5.  Get the house cleaned up for the holidays.
Cleaned!  (Cue that Hallelujah Chorus again!)

6.  Make up my contributions to Thanksgiving Dinner and put in the freezer.
Done!  It's all ready to be pulled out and cooked...

7.  Set up the Christmas tree Friday.
Whew!  The tree is up - that's a big job! Now to decorate it...

8.  Keep up with any other ministry needs that arise.
Done!  Two more quilt needs came up before the end of the week…

This one went to a woman who just had a kidney transplant...

and this one went to a woman with Stage 4 lymphoma.

So that's the skinny on last week's list.  I'm pretty happy I got so much done.  And here's this week's list

1.  Help clean out my MIL's sewing room and other stuff in the house.

2.  Make it home despite the incoming winter storm!

3.  Finish those butcher's aprons.

4.  Come up with a Dirty Santa gift for a Christmas party this coming Saturday morning.

5.  Decorate the house for Christmas in anticipation of two Christmas parties there this weekend!

6.  Get supplies for a knitting project/gift idea I want to try out.

7.  Take care of any ministry needs that arise.

Speaking of that winter storm, I hope that all of you are staying safe this week - it's a big travel week, and I know many will be on the road.  Travel safely and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

And be sure to let me know if you are in Richmond and interested in a bunch of quilt books!  




  1. Sarah your post started my week out perfectly. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures! I especially loved the first quilt and the bright charm pack near the end. Happy Thanksgiving!!! In friendship and with smiles! Val:)

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  3. Sarah, I'm in Richmond and would love the quilt books. I will e-mail you with my phone number.

  4. Good luck getting the house ready for your parties! Enjoy your time with friends and family!

  5. Safe travels in the storm. Here in Texas it was not near as big of deal and the three days of storm warnings would have anticipated.

  6. Most important, don't travel unless it is safe. We just had some snow, and my SUV slipped with AWD turned on.

  7. Hats off to you my friend - so much accomplished and your list for this week isn't small either. Travel safe and have a great holiday!!!!


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