Monday, February 17, 2014

Make-A-List Monday - Where Did The Week Go?

Hi, all!

I hope you all had a fabulous Valentines Day!  I know my chocolate stash has been replenished, and a copy of Game of Thrones (3rd season) is headed my way - woohoo!!  How fun is that?  Something great to watch while quilting!

It's funny - with Jolene out of commission, I'm doing more straight line stitching - and I had forgotten how much fun it is!  Slower, but satisfying in a totally different way.  So I guess I'm doing some of my own "slow stitching" these days!   

Let's see how last week's list went...

1.  Straight line quilt another quilt for the ministry.
Done!  Isn't this pretty?  You can read about who this went to here.

2.  Quilt two ministry quilts on the mid-arm at church.
Done!  And I can't find the pictures anywhere…  but one went to a little girl with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and the other to a woman just diagnosed with breast cancer.

3.  Write the quilt tutorial.
In progress.  I've written the tutorial down, now I'm working on the quilt and taking the pictures to go in the tutorial.

4.  Write at least one blog post for the new blog.
Didn't get to this one...

5.  Write another Working Wednesday post.
Done!  You can read it here...

6.  Start a new Thursday morning sewing group!
Done!  We had seven folks show up for our inaugural meeting - worked on the sixteen-patch blocks for a Good Night Irene quilt top.  That's a great quilt for new quilters, and a fun one for experienced ones!

7.  Sand down the Singer 99 case.
In progress.  I've done some of the sanding, but I need to do some finer sanding to get it nice and smooth!  Here's a couple of progress shots - the first is what the case looked like as I was removing that burlap-ish cover on the wooden case.  I've also removed the brown leatherette on the top work surface and taken off the metal closure pieces, since I don't have the original case top.

8.  Make the blog button for H2H 2014.
Done!!!! Finally!!!! I had a horrible time with blogger changing the code I wrote, eliminating the code that goes in the capture box for some reason. Don't ask me how, but I finally got it working!  So you can grab the button for this year's Hands2Help Challenge from the right sidebar now!

9.  Start contacting sponsors and guest bloggers for H2H.
(If you'd like to sponsor or be a guest blogger, speak up now!)
I've got the email started, but I'm still putting the mailing list together.  Gotta get this one done!

10.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that arise.
This one kept me busy this week!  Among others, I finished this quilt… which I'll share more about on Friday.

And here's my list for this week

1.  Finish the quilt tutorial.

2.  Finish the tutorial quilt for a new baby, born 12 weeks premature.

3.  Make a quilt for a gentleman with dementia.

4.  Finish six comfort quilts for various ministry needs.

5.  Finish cleaning up the case of the Singer 99.

6.  Email potential sponsors for H2H 2014.

7.  Rewrite the Page for Hands2Help to reflect the new causes and schedule for 2014.

8.  Keep up with any ministry needs that arise.

I'm sure there are other things that I need to work on this week, too, but I'm drawing a blank right now!  I think this list covers the major things, though.

So now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. I have the new H2H button up. We are to have some more snow - so some good sewing time this week. Think I will get those 'paper doll' blocks into a flimsie this week.

  2. A busy list as usual for you and hopefully you will make great progress this week.

  3. I already have some tops I have put aside for H2H.

  4. Seems like i't been a busy week for you, I always list the things I need to do for the whole week in order for me to keep track on the things I need to do.

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