Monday, September 15, 2014

Make-A-List Monday - I'm B-a-a-a-a-c-k!

Hi, all!

Well, I'm very glad to be back with a Make-A-List Monday post - I really missed having that list last week!  Instead I participated in the Around the World blog hop - a lot of fun but I should have made my list and posted it somewhere!  So let's see how I did on the list from two weeks ago...

1.  Quilt a top for a friend - another commission going towards the adoption fund!
Done!  This was a beautiful set of antique blocks my friend put together, and it was a joy to quilt!

2. Quilt and bind another quilt - another commission going towards the adoption fund! (I'm going to quilt that little boy all the way from China to here!)
Done!  This top was donated to me by Gayle to use to raise money to bring Nathanael home, and my friend here needed a quilt to take on a mission trip - a perfect fit!!

3.  Quilt and bind a couple more tops that were donated to raise funds for the adoption.  
Done!  In fact, here's all five of them ready to find their forever homes! I'll be doing a post on all of them soon...

4.  Finish some quilt tops that were sent for Hands2Help.
Done!  Aren't these gorgeous?  All KatieQ's work

5.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that arise!
Also done.  I'm not sure which of these came in two weeks ago, and which came in last week, so we'll just run down all of the ones that came in since my last update… and it's a bunch!!

This one went to a new baby boy…

This one went to an older woman with multiple myeloma...

This one went to a woman just diagnosed with endometrial cancer...

This one went to a man who started chemo and radiation last week...

This beautiful quilt made with embroidered blocks went to a preschool teacher who has multiple medical issues...

This quilt went to a man with stage 3 pancreatic cancer...

This quilt went to a woman with stomach cancer...

Here's another baby quilt, this time for a new baby girl...

This is a comfort quilt sent to a woman in New Orleans whose adult son was killed in a car accident...

This pretty quilt went to an elderly woman with multiple health issues...

This quilt went to a gentleman who has been waiting for a heart transplant.  They thought they had found cancer, but it turned out it was a false alarm!  God is good!!

This quilt went to a woman recently diagnosed with breast cancer...

This lady suffered a severe concussion in a bad car accident and has been having ongoing problems since then…

This quilt went to a little boy with myotonic dystrophy…

This quilt went to a young mother whose little boy is due this week...

And this one went to a new baby girl!

I quilted this one just this weekend - another baby quilt for a sweet baby girl!

And then there are several I forgot to get pictures of - one for a woman with cancer, one for a woman going through some serious emotional issues, and a pair of charm quilts for a set of twin boys due in the next week or so!  Whew!  And before anyone starts thinking I made all of these, believe me, this was a group effort - many hands pieced and quilted these beauties!  Twenty-two quilts - we may hit that 1000 mark yet!

OK - this has taken long enough, so let's move on to this week's list…

1.  Quilt the Moda Love top I put together over the weekend.

2.  Start cutting out pieces for a commission quilt.

3.  Start on a t-shirt commission quilt.

4. Cut strips for a bunch of kids' quilts for a homeless ministry.

5.  Keep up with quilt ministry needs as they arise.

I'm going to stop there - I'm sure there are other things I need to do, but can't think of them right now!  

So now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. All just lovely - as ever, you are just the busy bee.

  2. So much beauty! You do good work, it is uplifting to read about it.

  3. You and your gals (and guys) are doing such good work. Reading your list of accomplishment makes me so grateful for good health.

  4. I'm exhausted just reading your list of completions.

  5. It is just a thrill to see leftover blocks that I cannot figure out what to with show up in a beautiful finished creation by you or one of your team. Thank you so much for your ministry.

  6. You all are so inspirational. You pass around love in a quilt form.
    Love to read your column!
    My goal for the week is to get as much done as I can.


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