Monday, November 3, 2014

Make-A-List Monday - Not Enough Hours In The Day!

Hi, all!

Monday has rolled around again after a very busy week!  Why do the weeks seem to go by so quickly when there's so much to do?  Oh well, at least being busy means being productive!  And that means it's time for.

Here's how last week's list went

1.  Make a back for the pieced commission quilt.
Done!  No picture, though - it's loaded on the frame and I forgot to snap a picture before it went on!

2.  Decide on the quilting design for that quilt.
Done!  I'm hoping to start quilting tomorrow morning!

3.  Order the Kona background fabrics for the t-shirt commission quilt.
Done!  Ochre and Water - such a pretty combination!

4.  Write the special posts for next week.
Yesterday's post is up - you can see it here.  Since November is National Adoption Awareness Month, and because Nathanael will be turning three this week, I'll be auctioning off ten quilts to raise money for the adoption.  Two of them will be featured later in this post, and you can see all of them on my Facebook page here.

5.  Meet with a friend to discuss how to quilt her finished top.
Done!  It's going to be really pretty - a nice mix of free motion quilting and straight line quilting!

6.  Finish four cross-stitched stockings for another friend. (She did the cross-stitch, just needs help turning them into stockings!)
The stockings are blocked, but I'm still looking for the backing fabric she wants.

7.  Finish Nathanael's stocking!
Nope - it's still hanging on my wall looking pretty and unfinished...

8.  Keep up with any ministry needs that arise - and it looks like a busy week, because I've already got six requests!
Done!  We gave away a lot of quilts last week…

This quilt went to a young girl going through some serious emotional issues…

…and this one went to her mother, who is having difficulty holding it together while dealing with her daughter's problems.

This quilt went to a woman dealing with cancer and homelessness...

And these three baby quilts went to The Bridge Mission for homeless moms who are expecting new babies.

This quilt went to my mailman's wife, who had a knee replacement and is going through some serious pain as she recuperates.

This quilt is going to a seminary student who is preparing to have a serious back surgery

…and these two are going to his son (top) and wife (bottom) who were in a serious automobile accident.


If you're following along, the current quilt count is 281 for the  year, 953 all-time!

And here's what I'll be working on this week

1.  Quilt the commission quilt.

2.  Finish my friend's Christmas stockings.

3.  Finish Nathanael's Christmas stocking.

4. Make more of the cutter quilt stockings for another friend.

5.  Work on the girls' Christmas quilts.

6.  Make Christmas ornaments for Nancy's fundraiser.

7.  Keep up with quilt ministry needs that arise.

Definitely enough to keep me busy! No rest for the wicked, I guess!  So now I want to know - - - what are YOU working on this week?


And now, in honor of National Adoption Awareness Month, here are two of the quilts that are being auctioned off to raise funds to #bringNathanaelhome!!

Here's quilt #1 - "I Spy!"  This quilt is 41" x 44", made of 98 squares of I Spy prints.  There are 48 pairs for your child to match up, plus two that don't have a match.  I can tell you from experience that it's fun trying to match up the pairs and locate the singles!  It's quilted with rainbow colored variegated thread on the front, white on the back.  Batting is 100% cotton.  The back is made of a cute elephant print combined with a green solid, and the binding is scrappy prints. Completely sewn by machine, this quilt is sturdy and designed to withstand a whole lot of loving and machine washing and drying! 

Starting bid on this quilt is $90.  Bids will close on Monday, November 10th at 5 pm CST.

And here's quilt #2 - "Pigs Can Fly!"  This quilt is 51" x 52", made of fun kid-oriented fabrics with two adorable strips of appliquéd pigs embellished with three-dimensional ears and ric-rac tails.  There's even a few flying pigs in the group!  There's so much to see on this quilt - wild animals, pirates, Sesame Street characters, fish - and the back has dinosaurs paired with a yellow fabric and yellow binding.  100% cotton batting.  Completely sewn by machine, this quilt is sturdy and designed to withstand a whole lot of loving and machine washing and drying!

Starting bid on this quilt is $100.  Bids will close on Monday, November 10th at 5 pm CST.

I'll be posting about two more quilts each day this week - stay tuned and bid on your favorite(s)!




  1. You and your ministry is a amazing, my inspiration for the day! I aim for that kind of thing, but can't find time in the day. The crazy quilt is interesting; was it made of cheater fabric? I really like the look. All the quilts are beautiful. Greta @ materialdetachment.blogspot. Not sure whether I am a "no-reply blogger".

  2. I agree w/Greta. You have blessed so many lives. What an awesome ministry you have going there! I too would love to do something like this!

  3. That is an impressive # of quilts. Hope your fund raiser goes well.

  4. All of the quilts are wonderful and I too hope that the fund raiser raises a lot to help bring him home.


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