Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Oops! Make-A-List Tuesday….

Hi, all!

Well, time absolutely slipped away from me yesterday and I forgot it was Monday!  So today is officially Make-A-List Tuesday!  Last week's list went totally to pot - let's take a look at it and then I'll tell you why.

1.  Quilt the commission quilt.
Well, I didn't finish it, but I did do the quilting that I'm going to do on the quilt frame - and I love the way it's looking!

2.  Finish my friend's Christmas stockings.
I didn't get these finished, but I did find the backing material she wants!  

3.  Finish Nathanael's Christmas stocking.
Nope.  It may be a good thing he won't be home with us this Christmas!

4. Make more of the cutter quilt stockings for another friend.
Nope. No excuse….

5.  Work on the girls' Christmas quilts.

6.  Make Christmas ornaments for Nancy's fundraiser.
Yes!  I'll share below...

7.  Keep up with quilt ministry needs that arise.
Done!  We gave away three quilts this week

This quilt went to a woman diagnosed with breast cancer

This one went to a woman beginning chemo for colorectal cancer

And this one went to a gentleman dealing with multiple health issues related to cancer and chemo.

As far as the ornaments go, I made some of these

So pretty - but they take forever!!!

Quick and easy, but super-cute!

I think Lilli will like this one!

I want a whole forest of these!

He still needs eyes - but he's cute!
I really love the look of these salt dough ornaments!

German folded stars are FUN!

These are for an upcoming adoption fundraiser.  With the holiday season coming up so quickly, I needed to help my daughter with this project and everything else went on the back burner...

And I taught a class Sunday night in simple sewing to a group of high school girls at church as part of their life skills classes.  They learned how to make this great infinity scarf - twenty minutes from start to finish!

So this week, I've got so much to catch up on - does everyone else's life go like this in November too?  Here's the stuff I hope to get to this week…

1.  Finish the quilting on the commission quilt.

2. Finish off the final touches on the ornaments I've got in the works.

3. Finish my friend's Christmas stockings.

4.  Do a minor repair on a friend's quilt.

5.  Make the cutter quilt stockings.

6.  Work on the girls' quilts for Christmas.

7.  Keep up with quilt ministry needs as they arise.

I say this is what I hope to get to this week - because who knows what the week will bring?  But at least it's something to shoot for!

Oh, and an update on the quilt auction from last week - we raised another $975 to help #bringNathanaelhome!!  Woohoo!!

So now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. You always amaze me with the amount you accomplish! I am trying very hard to catch up after a very busy Sept and Oct behind the scenes. We are only a couple weeks away from Bonnie Hunter's Mystery, so my sewing room needs an overhaul.

  2. I don't know how you finish so many quilts and so quickly - you are super woman. I am continuing to work on 4 quilts at once this week

  3. Great ornaments! Even though you didn't fulfill your goals, you still did more than most of us mere mortals. Sometimes you have to prioritize.

  4. I'm always playing catch up, it doesn't seem to matter what month is it :). I love those ornaments especially that Santa, he'd look good in the middle of your forest of trees.

  5. All your ornaments are quite pretty. I particularly like the red flowers, the felt trees and the felt man (I'm not sure who he is...). I will pin them in my Christmas board. Good luck with them!

  6. Busy, busy as always. I'd love the info on making the elf ornament.

  7. Sarah, is your daughter still selling the necklaces? I ordered one several months ago and I have a friend that wants one.


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