Monday, December 1, 2014

Make-A-List Monday - Coming Up For Air!

Hi, all!

Are you still in a turkey coma today?  I ate so much over the weekend I probably won't need to eat all week!  But it was a great weekend of family time and decorating for the holidays.  

Now, though, it's time for.

First of all, let's see how last week's list went

1.  Work on the girls' quilts for Christmas.
In progress!  All the blocks are ready for assembling into the final quilts, and I've already got Emmy's up on the design wall…

2.  Finish Nathanael's stocking.
Done!  Here it is, in all its glory….

3.  Hang a new light fixture in the kitchen.
Done!  I have the world's greatest husband - not only did he hang the new light fixture, but he fixed the crown molding for me!  It looks much better in our kitchen now...

4.  Clean up the house before doing the Christmas decorating!
In progress!  I've been cleaning as I decorate, and the entry hall is done; also the den upstairs where we put our family tree.  I'm still working on the living room!  Here's a pic of our entry way where we hang the stockings…

5.  Quilt a couple of jelly-roll quilts for The Bridge Mission.
Done! I'm so happy about this - it's been a while since I just did some simple random meander quilting, and it was so nice to get re-acquainted with Jolene on easy terms!  The last two quilts were heavy on the quilting….

6.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that arise.
As usual during the holiday week, it was a quiet time for the ministry, but we did give away one quilt.  This one went to a lovely lady who sent us her sewing machine because she knew we  "would do some good with it"!  She's been diagnosed with lung cancer and is getting ready to go through treatments.  We sent her a quilt to give her some comfort through the days ahead, and will use her sewing machine to make more to help others!!

I also spent some fun time with this little girl, who is "doing my nails" in this picture...

and some time with her big sister, who, annoyingly, still doesn't like to have her picture taken these days.  But here's one I took a few weeks ago

So now that all the commission work is done for the holidays, what's going to keep me occupied?  Here goes…

1.  Clean and decorate the house for two Christmas parties this coming Saturday.  (Morning is the sewing ladies, evening is our Sunday morning class!)

2.  Trim and bind the two ministry quilts I quilted today.

3.  Assemble both of the girls' annual quilt tops.

4.  Quilt at least two more quilts for the ministry.

5.  Keep up with ministry needs as they arise.

6.  Start mentally preparing and planning for my sewing room revamp and purge, that will start the day after Christmas!

A short list this week, but I'll be very happy if I get it all done.  Especially since there's cooking to be done for each of those parties, too!  

So now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?



PS - Last Friday's post was my 800th, and my five year blogging anniversary is coming up on January 9th. Sounds like it's about time for a giveaway!!  Maybe we'll do it early this year and spread a little Christmas cheer……..


  1. I think December is a good month to lighten that list a little - getting ready for parties (and the parties) sounds grand.

  2. I ate too much too and went to exercise today and weighed in - oops gained about 4 pounds - good thing I normally take it off rather easily - I think I better use my salad plates for awhile and have smaller servings and no desserts for awhile

  3. Congratulations on your 800th post. Am amazing feat.

  4. Seeing a picture of the princesses never fails to make me smile.

  5. You sound super busy, but then you always do! I finished a mini quilt top today and I think that might be my only finish for December. I don't make too many crafty plans for December, and then I don't get too disappointed when I get nothing done. Your stockings look beautiful.

  6. No Thanksgiving here in Australia, hope you made a good recovery! Busy as usual I see. I decided to have a tidy up and pulled out every project I either want to finish, try or fabric I want to use up and nearly fell over. Now I need to narrow down the top 12 for the UFO along I take part in each year! Wow 800 posts, amazing stuff, congratulations.

  7. 800! That's about double the number of mine. Way to go, Sarah.
    Love Emmy's quilt.


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