Monday, July 20, 2015

Make-A-List Monday - Back In The Real World!

Hi, all!

Well, the beach is just a fond memory now, and it's time to get back to the real world - - - that's been my mantra today, but it's still not working!!  But there's lots to do, and it won't put itself together without my help - so no more procrastinating!  

First let's see how last week's (very short) list went!

1.  Work on the vacation quilt!
I did do this - I managed to get twenty-one blocks made last week.  Not too many, but the weather was pretty and the blocks were slow to sew. They are pretty, though!

I won't be able to work on this for a while - I've got a couple of commission jobs and another special quilt to finish up before the end of August...

2.  Get the BlockRockIt set up after I get home.
I did not have a chance to get up to church to set the quilting machine up today - hopefully tomorrow!

3.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.
This was pretty simple, since we had no requests last week that needed to be filled immediately.  One baby quilt was requested, and I'll work on that one this Wednesday night - we've probably got a quilt made up and ready to go!

OK, so not much got done last week - which is the prerogative of vacation days!!  But now it's time to get back to work, and I think this week's list will be a good bit longer!

1.  Piece the wedding quilt top.

2.  Do the hand stitching on the wedding quilt pillow.

3. Work on editing the photos for the commission memory quilt.

4.  Write a book review for the What's on the Bookshelf Wednesday post.

5.  Work on Nathanael's stocking. Just for fun, here's a shot of how much stitching is done so far - something to gauge next week's progress against!

6.  Finish setting up the BlockRockIt!

7.  Work on the plans for a September quilt show.

8.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

I'm sure there's more that I need to work on, but my brain is still on vacation!  And this week is starting to fill up - two days with the little kiddos, and my niece and sister are coming to visit on Wednesday.  I'll be lucky to get this much done!

So now, the question is - - - what are you working on this week?




  1. Your vacation quilt blocks sparkle. I love it! Very pretty pattern. I hope you had a restful vacation. I am working on my flowering snowball quilt. I still have about 30 blocks to make which will give me 100 blocks.

  2. Welcome back, I hope you're well rested since it looks like you have a lot of plans for this week, I say hold on to that vacation mind set as long as you can. I'm so glad you didn't get ate up :)

  3. I have a whole quilty list to keep me busy, then next week its a vaca to the mountains for me!! YAH! Plan to bring applique and binding along.

  4. It was fun following your vacation adventures on IG. You made great progress on the vacation quilt and the Christmas stocking.

    Life through a curve ball my way last week so I will play catch up on my sewing and housework this week.

  5. I was on vacation too! I only got 3 nine patch blocks made, but most of our trip was a road trip and I only took my sewing machine out in San Antonio, but I did finish the binding on a quilt!

  6. I'm trying to get a baby quilt in the mail, and work on the stadium quilts for our family. We are traveling the last part of the week, so all that will sit until next week I'm afraid. I cannot travel and sew, I get car sick.


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