Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What's On The Bookshelf Wednesday - More Color!!!

Hi, all!

Welcome to What's On The Bookshelf Wednesday!!  I was a bad girl this week and splurged on some new books - all related to each other so I'm going to share them all together!

Now, if you love color and don't know about Vanessa Christensen of V & Co., you are missing out!  She may very well be the queen of color - she's certainly headed that way!

Her fabric lines are so yummy - Color Theory, Color Me Happy, Simply Style, and Simply Color - I want them all!  And now she's written a series of books dealing with color....

These are powerful little books, each dealing with one color and discussing how color works.  I don't know about you, but the color wheel has always been a mystery to me - I knew it was important, but who has time to figure all that out?  Well, Vanessa has figured it out for us, and she makes it seem really accessible!

She takes us through the different types of color - hues, which are the pure colors; tints, which have added white; shades, which have added black; and tones, which have added gray.  It's so nice to know the difference between those!  

And oh, the projects!  Of course, there are quilts.....

(Sorry, I appear to be fixated on orange/yellow quilts this week!)

...but there are also some lovely non-quilt projects to do, like this fabulous LOVE pillow....

...and this lovely little wallet!  Don't you just love that pretty green?  It make me smile just to look at it!

The projects in these books are designed to be interchangeable - if you see a project in Red that you think would look fabulous in greens, it's a simple switch.  Oh, the possibilities!!!

 These books are beautiful photographed, lush with color and totally inspiring!  I can't wait for Blue and Purple to come out (in September and November respectively) so I can wander through the whole set.

I'm so glad I finally got my own copies of these books - I just love them and know that I'll be making many of the beautiful quilts and projects in them.  Plus they just look so pretty on my bookshelf!!


So that's what's on my bookshelf this week.  Have you looked at yours lately?



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  1. What a good idea these books are, I like that each color has it's own book, I think too often we ignore a certain color. That stack of fabric makes me drool, LOL


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