Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What's On The Bookshelf Wednesday - A Little Kaffe!

Hi, all!

It's time to take a look at another book off of my bookshelf - and today, I'm going for COLOR!  And what can possibly be more colorful than a book full of Kaffe Fassett quilts?  So here's our book for today...

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I tend to find Kaffe Fassett quilts to be a bit over the top as far as pattern goes - but I adore the colors!  Deep, saturated wonderful color!   This book takes twenty quilts from previous Kaffe Fassett books and re-creates them in different color ways.  

The quilts in this book were photographed in a small village in Bulgaria, and the scenery is luscious.  Lots of rustic visual texture to contrast with the highly geometric quilts by Kaffe.

Aren't these colors just amazing?

There's a large section of the book devoted to beautiful pictures of the finished quilts against the backdrop of a Bulgarian village, and then pages devoted to the directions for each quilt.  A benefit to the more experienced quilter, this book only has a very short section devoted to quilting basics. Most of its 144 pages are filled with colorful quilt-y goodness!

And this quilt is my personal favorite....

Look at those beautiful hexies!

I have this pretty stack of fabric set aside specifically for this quilt - I'm thinking it may be my fall quilt project!

I highly recommend this book if you love color - it is a joy to read simply for the beautiful photography and over-the-top colors!  But it also has some really striking quilts and I've got several of them on my bucket list.  I will probably make them out of something other than Kaffe Fassett fabrics, but I think they'll still be pretty special!

So that's what's on my bookshelf this week!  Have you looked at yours lately?



PS - be sure to come back next week, when I review something a little different!  I think I can guarantee you'll love it!


  1. Kaffe's books are always beautifully photographed in unusual settings. I just can't get into his fabrics, though, with the possible exception of the shot cottons.

  2. Kaffe's books are such eye candy! When was this one published?

  3. A peek, a review and a possible "Let's Book It" project. Love your blog!

  4. Kaffe books are always so inspiring, especially the photos of quilts in rustic and interesting settings! Sarah I hope you do make that hexie Fall quilt - it looks like it will be wonderful!

  5. I haven't seen that book before, I own quite a few of his books and love to just stroll through those pictures.

  6. There's a lot to be said about Kaffe! One of them is that he's not a quilter! He designs fabric, he knits, and perhaps? He designs quilts, I'm not sure, but he doesn't make any of the quilts in the books.
    I, too, love the saturated colors and many of his prints, but unlike many people, I don't think I'll ever make a quilt of only Kaffe fabrics. It's just too much for me, and I really like it much better when other fabrics are mixed in. I don't even like to spend much time in the Kaffe section of the quilt store. It overwhelms me to the point that I can't figure out how to focus on any one fabric. I can't select any of the fabrics, because there is too much intense color in one place.
    I really look forward to seeing how your quilt turns out!


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