Wednesday, April 11, 2018

I May Have A Scrap Problem... HST Progress!

Hi, all!

I have been having so. much. fun. this week!  After finishing my commission quilt, I have time to play with my HSTs and boy have I been playing!

I started out with these HSTs that needed trimming...

...and started creating sweet little blocks for pincushions!  I'll probably hand quilt these in the car while we're driving to the beach later this week.  Hopefully I'll get some more made before we leave!

Then I grabbed some blue HSTs that were bonus blocks from Lilli's annual quilt a few months ago.  I knew what I wanted to make, but didn't have enough of the HSTs to work, so I turned them into 3/4 triangle blocks, which gave me twice as many...

...and this is what I'm working on right now!  This will eventually go to Little Lambs Foundation of Utah as part of Hands2Help.  It's pretty small - about 36" square - so I think I'll straight line quilt it on vacation.  Isn't that little bear the cutest?


There's still a lot of HSTs in that tub, but I'm having a great time dreaming up ways to use them.  Some of them are tiny - only 1.25" - but those are great for pincushions or mug rugs, so that's what I'm making right now.  We'll see what else comes out of that tub soon!

How's your little scrap monster doing these days?




  1. That is one beaut quilt top, and will be a bright spot in one little one's days.

  2. (groan) working overtime as my scrap basket is once again overflowing...

  3. That bear top will be adorable!!! I love your industrious goal of using those HSTs!!

  4. So cute! You are doing great at taming the scrap monster!

  5. Amazing what you can accomplish with the HST's!
    Love the little bear quilt!

  6. Yes, that bear is the cutest. I so love it and I love the HSTs all around. The first row on right side, there's one block the is twisted the wrong way (at bear's eye level). Love the little blocks for pincushion too. Other people's scraps always look better than our own. Enjoy. ;^)

  7. Smart thinking on your triangles for the Bear Quilt!! Here's hoping you have a wonderful vacation.

  8. I love the little bear quilt! I won't be getting much done this month as we are taking a trip for almost 3 weeks. But I feel like belonging to your challenge has helped me. Actually, while on the trip I brought 2 scrappy projects and my Featherweight to use while at my sister's. She has a machine, but I thought I would bring mine anyway because I know it is working. She doesn't sew much so her machine might not be working. Since we're driving, I had room to squeeze it in. I wake up early and she doesn't, so it's a good time to do some mindless piecing!!

  9. I like the idea of pin cushions from your HST scraps!

  10. My scrap monster is growing and this as I start to get ready to move! I just can't resist when I can find enough scraps to make a big part of a quilt in a scrap barrel at the quilt store. lol Trying to tell myself that I'm balancing out as I finish up the binding on a scrap quilt that will to to H2H/Little Lambs today.

  11. Well that is AMAZING what you did (I'd never have thought of it!) with the HSTs that you turned into quarter HSTs... I have a TON of triangle cut-offs, which I sometimes (not often enough) use as leader/enders... more great ideas, now can you find some more hours in the day please?!

  12. You're having fun, aren't you? Love the bear top.


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