Monday, April 16, 2018

Make-A-List Monday - Taking a Short (slightly warmer) Break...

Hi, all!

I'm interrupting our regularly scheduled program, because I am really enjoying my vacation and don't really want to think about what I should be doing!  I'm having a lot of fun playing with fabric, and today I even went and petted a lot of it...

...and even brought some of it home!  Pensacola has a great fabric store called A & E Fabrics.  It used to be part of a pharmacy, but now it's just a fabric store.  Lots of wonderful fabrics, great customer service and friendly people, and they give a discount to any and all guild members!   (You do have to show them your guild membership card...)  I spent a wonderful morning browsing through their fabrics, then adding to my Essex linen collection (the white and that beautiful orange), picking up that great brown cross hatch for backgrounds, the black and white diagonal print for bindings, and that awesome seam ripper print for a special project!  

And speaking of seam rippers, I spent some quality time on the drive down here with my friend Jack (the Ripper) as I rescued these adorable turtle blocks from their not so wonderful settings.  I'll be putting them back together into a quilt for a friend.  Her grandmother made it many years ago, and the old settings were showing their age, with lots of fading, fraying, and just general unhappiness.  Hopefully I can bring it back to where it can be used and loved by many more generations!

This is the view I've been enjoying for the past couple of days!  It really is beautiful, but unfortunately it's been pretty cool - low 40's to low 60's, and really windy - so we've spent most of our time indoors.  We did go out for walks on the beach yesterday and today, and saw this guy...

Isn't he gorgeous? He knew it, too!  He walked along with us for quite a ways, and it was pretty fascinating to observe him close up.  

I did have quite a bit of time for sewing the past two days, and had a lot of fun using Jamie's tutorial for the Have Faith block!  I'm hoping to get better pictures on the beach tomorrow, but here's a teaser of the finished top...

This should finish out at about 60" square (I didn't bring anything with me to measure, unfortunately) and is made up of 25 Have Faith blocks.  I used 50 10" squares and 25 fat quarters (a few were fat eighths) to make this, so it made a great big dent in my scrap stash!  I had all the pieces cut and matched up for each block when I got here, and once I got the rhythm down, I was making a block in about 10 minutes.  I love the happy mix of colors in this!  

It's supposed to be warmer tomorrow, and I've learned that the Blue Angels will be practicing tomorrow at lunchtime right in front of our beach, so I'm planning to have a beachside seat for that!  I'm looking forward to baking in the sun a bit - I'm tired of cold weather, as I'm sure all of you are too.  But at least it's warmer here than at home - they had snow in Mt. Juliet today!!  There's something really wrong about that...

Next week we'll get back to lists and accountability, but for now I'm just going to enjoy working on fun stuff when I want to!

But I'd really love to know - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Enjoy your vacation! When we go to Destin/Ft.Walton, I just enjoy sitting on the balcony drinking coffee and watching the people and the water.
    We're planning to go in late May, and even then, the water is still usually cold.
    I just finished some birthday projects, and my hubby is back in rehab 3 days a week so I haven't done anything this week.

  2. Oh, it looks like a great start to a vacation time! Enjoy! The brilliant sun and a protected corner will give you the sun-kissed look without that chilly wind stealing the heat! lol

  3. What fun you are having!! I am working on knitting as my time is spent in travel with the Jeep Girl. Hopefully I can get back to sewing soon!

  4. Enjoy your time at the beach! Today is supposed to warm up here in the south - thank goodness! I'm so tired of the cold on and off. Of course next week it will probably be 90 degrees! That's how our weather changes! Especially enjoy the Blue Angels. They were about an hour's drive from me in Tuscaloosa, AL this past weekend, but had to postpone their show from Saturday to Sunday due to the threat for tornadoes. I am off to put my quilt on the longarm and get my quilty on!!

  5. I visited A&E about 5 years ago. Don't remember what I bought there, but it was a great shop. It still was part of the pharmacy/gift shop at the time.
    I've got a H2H flimsy done. Have to piece a back then get it quilted.
    Have fun at the beach. We're still cold and gray with snow flurries in the forecast. No spring here yet.


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