Wednesday, September 12, 2018

I May Have a Scrap Problem... Making Headway, and Inspiration!

Hi, all!

I hope, if you're in the track of Hurricane Florence, you've made it to a safe place, AND that you have sufficient important supplies (fabric, thread, sewing machine, rotary cutter, etc.) to keep you occupied during the storm.  I have family on the east coast in NC and VA, so I'm definitely keeping an eye on the storm reports.  Stay safe, everyone!!!

I've also made some good progress on my scrap sewing this week!  Last week my Something Blue quilt was at this point...

...then late last week it went to this....

...and finally ended up at this point!

That's the top 2/3 or so of the quilt, only lacking four rows of blocks across the bottom, and a border.  Unfortunately, I probably won't have time to finish it this week, but I'm trying to make the last 18 blocks that I need to finish that bottom 1/3...

...I've got all the parts made and they just need to be assembled.  If I can squeeze it in, I'd love to get this done, but I've got some commission quilts I need to finish this week.  Paying work first, right?

And I found some fabulous inspiration online this week, too - I bet these will get your creative juices flowing!

Isn't this amazing?  I've got a tub of solids that this might be perfect for, although just bright prints might be good too!

And this one has really captured my imagination!  I want to work it out on EQ7 and see what I can do with it...

And how about some Jen Kingwell?  This is her Flutterby pattern - and so perfect for scraps!  I see another Jen Kingwell in my future (if I ever finish my Gypsy Wife!)  Ooh, and I just looked on Amazon for the pattern, turns out it's in the book Quilt Lovely and... wait for it... I already own it!! Woohoo!!!!

So what are you doing with your scraps this week?  Are you fighting a pitched battle, or have you reached a peaceful truce? Either way works!




  1. Love the progress on Lilli's quilt - that's gonna be pretty huge! I'm still fighting my scraps...I've got my Sept scrap attack top done but I need to put it aside to work on my commission project. And I'm watching Florence like a hawk too...I'm just over the border from Charlotte, NC and the latest track shows we're going to get quite a bit of rain & wind. I hope I don't lose power :-(

  2. Something Blue is looking fabulous! And I like that Jen Kingwell pattern too. :-)

  3. I recently saw a youtube video by Angela Waters and I think it was to make the blue quilt in the instagram picture above. It's called "modern X" a free pattern from Craftsy. Funny how it caught my eye too ;)

  4. Oh, that Jen Kingwell quilt! Cool that you own the book already. I'm working on Gypsy Wife, but this one is also a contender for my project list I think! Your quilt is so interesting with that design, not to mention big! Wowza!

  5. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration! A Gypsy Wife quilt is on my bucket list and Flutterby could be much faster.

  6. I just keep adding new fabrics!! Just think of all the scraps I will eventually have if I ever get around to cutting the fabric. LOL

  7. As always... =D you've provided some great inspiration and motivation! =D

  8. double woohooo...i own that book this scrappy too....

  9. I'll save you some trouble on that cute teal one. It's a free download on Craftsy by Angela Walters called "Modern X"

    Can you tell it's on my to-do list? :)

  10. So beautiful quilts and love how you play with your scraps.
    A seasonal quilt is in my bucket list.


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