Wednesday, November 14, 2018

I May Have A Scrap Problem... A Drop Everything Quilt!

Hi, all!

Well, it has been a week!  I have had time for some fun scrappy sewing, some of which I'll share today and the rest on Friday.  It's been very freeing to just "let 'er rip", so to speak, and create.  

A lot of this started when I began cleaning up my sewing studio.  This was the view on one end of my work table...

...and that meant it was time to cut up some scraps!  

As I was cutting scraps and putting the newly cut pieces away, I found that I had a LOT of 10" squares.  Now, I know I started a quilt using jelly roll strips for the bunk bed in the guest room, but I was having some serious quilter's block trying to finalize the design.  When I saw those squares, I realized I could easily make a scrappy giant D9P quilt that would work great for that bed - and no quilter's block!  So I made plans to work on that Sunday.  Then my friend texted me with a picture of a quilt she had just finished piecing...

...and I realized that I could make this quilt with my 10" squares, and it had the added bonus of being a quilt I hadn't made before!  So Sunday morning I pulled a bunch of 10" squares before church - 48 prints, and 12 low volume.

FYI, the three columns on the right are the pieces for this quilt.  The two stacks on the left are the ones I DIDN'T use!  Told you I had a bunch!

Sunday afternoon, I took the low volume 10" squares and cut them into quarters, so I had 48 five inch squares.  I marked the diagonal on each 5" square with my Hera marker, then sewed one onto one corner of each of the print 10" squares.  I also sewed a second line of stitching about 3/8" away from the first (towards the outside of the corner) and cut between the two lines of stitching. That gave me 48 bonus half square triangles to play with later!

A couple of hours of sewing and this was the result!  Super quick and easy, the best kind of quilt for a little instant gratification!  And look how nice it looks with the quilt on the other bed...

It still needs to be quilted, but that may have to wait for a week or so.  I've got some other irons in the fire, and I also need to quilt some for the quilt ministry!  But it's nice to have it at this point and know it could be finished in a couple of hours.

Do you ever get side-tracked while dealing with your scraps and realize that you must use them right. that. minute?  I've had that happen to me twice in the past week, and it's quite a ride!  Be sure to check in Friday and see my other "drop everything" quilt!




  1. Just curious. What size square did you cut to flip and sew on the corner of your 5” squares? Love this pattern! I will definitely have to make it to try to reduce my stash!!!

  2. I am ALWAYS sidetracked - it happens the moment I step into the sewing room. Thankfully, I keep a list/notebook to stay on track and a growing journal to remind me there is so much more to do. I love your Super Easy project - great stash reduction.

  3. I'm glad you went right to work when the spark was lit!!!!
    Good job on this new quilt top!

  4. What a great, fast quilt! I'm going to do this with some charity quilts. Thanks for the great idea! Have a great week.

  5. What a fun fast quilt! Looks great on the bunk bed. Do I ever get distracted, no nev... Squirrel. hee hee!

  6. Thanks for sharing! What a great looking very simple quilt. I also have a ton of 8.5" squares I might try this with.

  7. We've made this pattern in the past at one of our guild group projects for a special charity donation of quilts. They do work up fast and use up a big junk of scraps.

  8. Sarah,
    Thanks to you and your friend for this inspiration! I want to focus on making what I call "blessing quilts" (charity) next year and this will be January's project.

  9. I'm so thrilled you and your friend showed off these quilts. A while ago, Tula Pink did a soft, dreamy line called Bumble (she claims it's a baby line, I choose to disagree :) ) that, typical of Tula's work, has gorgeous large motifs and I hadn't found a pattern I liked that would show off those motifs. I think this pattern will be perfect!

  10. What a cute, fast pattern! It looks great in your scrappy colors, and coordinates so well with the busier lower bunk quilt. Yes, I get distracted by my scraps All. The. Time. Sometimes I think my yardage is being neglected! :)


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