Wednesday, November 7, 2018

I May Have a Scrap Problem...

Hi, all!

Well, it's been busy week in my home town.... I kind of miss Garrison Keillor, don't you?  Lake Wobegon always seemed like a fun place to live.  That's a strange way to start a quilting blog post, but it just kind of flowed that way!  It has been busy, here, though - I've been working on a semi-scrappy project...

These three memory quilts seem scrappy, being made from twelve garments.  I love the way the fabrics all work together so well!  These are going to be wonderfully cozy quilts, and oh, the memories they hold!  I'll be quilting these later this week.

And now for some inspiration...

If you've never visited Beth's blog, Love Laugh Quilt, you should - she is a fabulous scrap quilter and always makes beautiful quilts!  I'm particularly fond of this one, though - aren't the colors lovely?

And take a look at Preeti's beautiful creation!  This just makes my heart happy, and has my fingers itching to go digging in my scraps - but I've got to finish those three quilts first!  You can read more about this quilt on Preeti's blog by clicking here.

Maria made this beauty, which she claims came about from inspiration from my blog.  I can't find whatever quilt inspired her to do this, but I'm certainly inspired!  This is a beautiful use of strings and the rainbow stars sparkle against the low volume background.  You can follow Maria and see more of her creations (and her cute dogs!) on Instagram - she's @beezuscomplex there.

So a short post today but I hope some good inspiration and some new folks for you to follow!  What have you been working on this week?  Something fun and scrappy?  Do a little for me so I can enjoy it vicariously.  I'll be glad to get back to my own sewing soon, when I can indulge in some squirrel-chasing!




  1. I love your memory quilts. Beth was one of the first bloggers I followed and I love her tutorials. Thank you Sarah, for highlighting the Trees of Life quilt. I should be working on my Colorwash quilt but I am nervous about the sewing process. Instead I am working on a couple of charity quilts for my guild.

  2. very nice quilts but i gotta tell ya...i have plenty of my UFO list can attest...

  3. Wonderful quilts! I am sure the memory quilts will be well loved. I do have a few new ones to follow - thank you!

  4. I like the hexagon quilt from Love Laugh Quilt--great way to use a charm pack!

  5. Those memory quilts are going to be such treasures!! Best of luck with the quilting.

  6. Today is our veteran's luncheon at my local quilt group and we have 15 quilts of valor to give out. I've been working on pulling them together and I am thrilled about it. I'll have pictures tomorrow in my blog if you are interested.

  7. I'm working on my scrappy quilt that I made using your "Christmas in July" pattern. Turns out I had a big chunk of one of the fabrics to use as a border and I'm so happy with how it's finishing up!

  8. I found the link ... Pinterest made it easy, once I remembered that I’d actually pinned the inspiration quilt. ;) Here’s the link:


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