Monday, November 26, 2018

Make-A-List Monday - Getting Older is NOT for Sissies!

Hi, all!

Monday!  How did that happen?  Such a busy week last week, and then the weekend just flew by - - - but as usual, Monday brings a fresh start and a clean slate! 

I learned an important lesson last week, which I'll share in a minute - but first, let's look at last week's list.

1.  Put up a tile backsplash in the kitchen.  (My husband is taking vacation time this week so I will be assisting in the process while he takes the lead.)
Done!!  I absolutely love the way this totally changed the look of my kitchen.  Here's the before shot:

And here are the finished shots:

2.  Hang pictures in the foyer.
Didn't get to this one..

3.  Quilt at least two quilts for the quilt ministry.
...or this one...

4.  Make backs for all three of the grandkids' annual quilts.
I did, however, get two of these made! I must have had a brain fart when I was figuring out how much I needed for the backs, though, because I had more than I needed for Nathanael's, and too little for both Emmy's and Lilli's!  Both the backs for the younger kids' quilts are finished, and I bought a piece of 108" wide for Lilli's, so I guess (in a way) it's finished too!

5.  Cook lots of yummy things to take to my daughter's house for Thanksgiving dinner.
Done!  We had a great time, with so. much. food!

6.  Start decorating the house for Christmas (after Thanksgiving, of course!)
I did find some tiny live trees and a pretty wreath at a friend's Christmas tree farm, and I've picked up some greenery for the house, but I haven't dragged anything out of the attic yet.  

7.  Take care of any quilt ministry needs that come up.
We only had one request this week, a quilt for a man who just started chemotherapy today.

And now I'll share the lesson I learned - getting older is NOT for sissies!  Home renovations almost kicked my butt, and DID kick my husband's!  We only worked a half day on Monday and Tuesday, but were so sore and tired afterwards that I couldn't summon any energy to sew!  And my husband went to Physical therapy on Wednesday morning and the therapist told him that his home reno days were over for this week, at least.  Fortunately, by Wednesday we had finished the part that would have been hardest for me - getting the old ThermoTile off, and putting up the backing board.  After that was done, it really was just a one-person job anyway - but getting into that small space under the counter is tough work!  It's done now, though, and I love it!

And we did spend some fun time with the kids on Sunday, taking family pictures...

...and then today, we received a huge fabric donation!  I spent several hours at church getting this gigantic pile stashed away...

Beautiful fabric, and so appreciated!  There's lots of comfort hiding in those stacks!

So that was my week.  It went totally off track, but sometimes that's a good thing.  But it means that I've got to buckle down this week, for sure - because there's only thirty more days until Christmas!  EEK!!!!!  So here's my list for the week...

1.  Tie up some loose ends in the kitchen.

2.  Hang pictures in the foyer.

3.  Decorate the house for Christmas.

4.  Bind three ministry quilts.

5.  Quilt two ministry quilts.

6.  Quilt at least one of the annual quilts.

7.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

Hopefully I'll do better getting through this list than I did last week!  I sure hope so, anyway.  Otherwise I'll be behind, and I hate feeling like that.  Wish me luck!

And now, the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Well, I just made 80 bazillion wee cookies for a party our church throws for the kids in a mentoring program after our lighted Christmas parade this coming Friday. No chance of me binging on red and green M&Ms at this point!

    Your kitchen reno looks fantastic. Not fair of me to say "it was worth it" since I did none of the work, but it totally was.

  2. Hi Sarah. My Mum has said a very similar thing.Aging isn't for sissies!I first heard it from my cousin,whom Mum had said it to. She said it to me, last year. You are definitely not one, with all you life adventures and endeavors. Thankyou for sharing.

  3. Decorating for Christmas, preparing for the parade on Saturday, finish quilting a hurricane quilt, and bake dog cookies!!

  4. I totally agree about the home reno...seems like any time I do anything out of the ordinary body pays the price for days and days to come!!! This week I am focusing on 2 secret Christmas projects....hope to be totally done and given out by the end of this week!

  5. Baking cookies for our Christmas dinner at church this weekend and finishing up some gift quilts.

    What a great gift of fabric for the quilt ministry!

  6. Congrats on finishing the kitchen. It looks great.

  7. Your new back splash looks awesome! What a wonderful sight, seeing that huge fabric donation. What fun to sort and store away for future quilts. Today, I hope to deliver all the baby quilts to our local hospital, that I've been working on throughout the year.

  8. Ha-I laughed in commiseration over the sore body while doing the backsplash; it is hard work for the body!
    I'm glad you had good interruptions for your week!

  9. Woo hoo! The kitchen is GORGEOUS! And that stack of donation fabric makes my heart happy :)

    I have two more finishes that I need to blog about and then I'm debating whether to start quilting one or two more. I might need to fly back to CA to do more family caretaking, and I prefer to leave my studio neat and tidy before I go in case it needs to be converted back into the guest room in a hurry.

  10. tackling 2 projects (small) that need to be finished by dec 6th...

  11. LOL - you had me laughing as my hubby and I usually do all of our renovations too and getting old means it takes a heck of a long time to do - the last time was the sewing room and it took us almost a year to complete it. I hope your husband is feeling better and doesn't need PT!

  12. I notice the aging aches and pains when gardening. I keep thinking it may be time to start cutting back on the gardens and the increasing deer damage is probably going to make that decision much easier. Then I'll have more time (and money) to quilt! Great donation for the charity quilts.

  13. Great job on the new back splash. It looks lovely!
    I was able to sew together a small child's quilt this weekend and I got it quilted yesterday. It needs binding and then it is headed to North Carolina for someone affected by the flooding. It was so fun to sneak in some sewing during the holiday weekend.

  14. Love the new back-splash!!!! We here feel your pain on getting older & home work projects. We did a hedge trimming & clean-up on Sunday and both of use were devastated after.

  15. look at those stacks of fabric! Unfortunately, both of us are sick in our household this week ... so I am limited to reformatting my blog ...


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