Monday, August 12, 2019

Make-A-List Monday - Hot Summer Fun!

Hi, all!

Well, Monday has rolled around again, and wow, is it hot outside!  But there's always something fun going on in my studio, and the heat is just a good reason to stay inside and play!  It was a busy week last week, so let's see how I did on my list...

1.  Bind four more quilts for the quilt ministry.
Done!  And not only these four, but four more that I did at church Saturday morning....

2.  Quilt a couple of quilts for the quilt ministry.
Done!  These two are for a special project for the ministry...

3.  Quilt another UFO.
Not only quilted, but completely finished!

4.  Prep the fabrics for a gift quilt. (I'd love to start on it, but one of my fabrics is back-ordered...)
Done - and not only prepped, but I've made a good start on it!

5.  Find a backing for the gift top I finished last week.
I not only found a backing for it, but I finished it!  Woohoo!!

6.  Play a little bit!
Okay, I played a LOT!  I had a lot of fun last week cutting up scraps...

...and I did a little chain piecing of some other cut scraps...

And I made yogurt (high fat, low carbs) in my instant pot...

...and I made some really yummy keto-friendly bread that made a nice substitute for cornbread with our barbecue one night!

7.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.
Done!  This quilt went to a man with Stage 4 liver cancer...

This quilt went to a woman who is recovering from a series of strokes...

This one went to a man just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer...

And this quilt went to a man who is working through sobriety from a meth addiction.

So, all in all, a pretty productive week!  This week, unfortunately, won't be quite as productive, as we will be out of town for a couple of days for a quick trip. But I've still got some things I need to do this week, so here's what's on tap for me...

1.  Make the baby quilt top.

2.  Quilt it if there's time!

3.  Meet with a friend who needs binding on a quilt.

4.  Write an estimate for a quilt commission.

5.  Quilt a quilt for the ministry.

6.  Quilt another UFO (that stack is getting smaller!)

7.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

I've definitely got to stay focused on the top of the list this week, since I've got several commission quilts due in any day now and this baby quilt must be finished in time for a September shower.  So some of the other quilting may have to wait - but at least I've got it in the wings if I do have time! 

So now, the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. You have had a very busy and wonderful week with all those finishes. The ministry quilts will be so welcome,

  2. Your lists make me in awe - more so that you get thru them, plus!

  3. You must sew and quilt all day long, every day. I wish I could do that and not get distracted and tired. You are so giving, it is a true blessing.

  4. WOW! busy week! LOVE the quilt made with homespuns for the man that is dealing with evil cancer.

    Can you share where you got the keto friendly bread recipe? It looks delicious! I don't have an instapot yet, but am also interested in the keto friendly yogurt recipe. I totally understand if you are too busy to share.

  5. I'm still sewing my Emerald City...which I think I'm going to rename Sage and Seagrass :-) but I'm sewing big pieces together now. Yay!

  6. The quilt in item #3 is lovely. What's the name of the pattern??

  7. Gorgeous line-up---I hope the week goes well with all of your projects!


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