Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Hands2Help 2021 - And The Quilts Keep Rolling In!


Hi, all!

This year's response to the Hands2Help Comfort Quilt Challenge has been overwhelming - after posting so many beautiful "non-blogger" quilts on Sunday, I kept receiving more in my inbox!  So here's another post with some beauties....

Yvonne J. is sending these colorful quilts to Little Lambs and Covered In Love!

And here are quilts with a theme - made by Paula D., they are going to 
some Hometown Hero teachers, a guidance counselor, and an after-school care worker!

Kathy L. made this beautiful quilt for Quilty Hugs

Kathryn S. sent these two to Quilty Hugs!

Jean W. donated this quilt locally...

Ila M. also chose to donate locally!

Grace T. sent this colorful pinwheel quilt to Little Lambs

Connie W. donated these two quilts locally.

Barbara W. also chose to donate locally...

...and Barb H sent this colorful gem to Quilty Hugs!

Lisa S. sent these pretties to Covered in Love and Little Lambs!

And last but not least, Amanda R. sent these six to Little Lambs!

Wow!  Isn't it fun to see all the beautiful designs and colors?  Just imagine how many blessings are being spread out across the country these last few months - it's amazing!!!

If you're a non-blogger and you still haven't sent me your pictures, there's still time!  If necessary, I'll do another post on Friday to share whatever comes in.

I can't wait to share the final numbers with you all on Sunday!  Keep your fingers crossed - it looks like it's going to be HUGE!




  1. So many, many, many beautiful and generous quilt donations! Thanks for putting this together! -Andrea

  2. And we get to enjoy the quilt show--beautiful!

  3. So many beauties. Mine publish tonight and were mailed off today!! Yippee for H2H!

  4. Wow, so many beautiful quilts. Quilters are such wonderful and generous people.

  5. So many beautiful quilts and so much inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

  6. What a wonderful batch of comfort quilts from our no-blogger friends, Sarah!!

  7. So enjoying seeing all the quilts roll in. I know quilters are generous, but I think being in lock down for so long - this was a perfect chance to feel like we were doing something good.

  8. Wow! So many beauties! Paula D's hearts are my faves :)

  9. Yikes! I almost forgot to link up with your party. I'm getting these out tomorrow to Little Lambs and Quilty Hugs. Thanks for all your hard work on H2H 2021. You deserve a nice rest after you do all of the end-of-event stuff. The number of quilts given this year is going to be a record!


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