Monday, June 7, 2021

Make-a-List Monday - It's Gonna Be A Busy Week!


Hi, all!

Mondays are so much fun, aren't they?  The fresh start to a brand new week, all full of potential!  Who knows where the week will take you? Monday is my day to take care of some weekly chores, like paying bills, doing laundry, and grocery shopping. That way the rest of the week is free for other things!  

And here's what I did with that "free" time last week...

1.  Meet with a woman about a quilt for a little girl with cancer.
Done!  Such a sad story - a 7-year old diagnosed with cancer, and getting ready to begin treatments in a few weeks.  Her mom wants a quilt for her to wrap up in and feel encouraged by during her treatments.

2.  Get as much done as humanly possible on that quilt this week!
Done!  Lilli and I laid out the quilt and graphed it out on paper, then I started making the individual blocks.  Once those were done, I assembled the sections, and you can see them all laid out here.  I still need to finish assembling the top, but I'm pleased to have gotten this far!

3.  Work on a special blogpost for Scrappy Wednesdays.
Started!  I've gotten this far on this project - I still need to finish off this strip of blocks with a setting but other things have to take precedence this week, probably.

4.  Keep up with the counts for Hands2Help as people link up their beautiful quilts this week!
Done, and WOW!  What a great final number...

...and the count actually has increased since I created this graphic, and is now 1,044! That's a new record, all thanks to an amazing group of quilters!

I also took a little time to flex my own baking muscles (not too much, it's just a no-knead bread!) by making this lovely thing!

This was my first foray into really experimenting with the basic no-knead bread recipe, and I added sugar and cinnamon into the basic dough in the first mix.  Then the next morning, I turned it out onto a floured board and patted it into a rectangle, then topped it with a mix of cinnamon and brown sugar.  I rolled it up, tucked the ends underneath it, and put it in a preheated dutch oven to cook.  Fresh hot cinnamon toast bread for breakfast!

And I finally got a picture of the house with the solar floodlights!  The house has wired lights for the front, but they are controlled by a switch outside, or via remote which we can't figure out how to make work - so this was our solution!  I think I paid about $15 each for the solar lights, and they work great, even on days that don't have too much sun.  I don't have to turn them on - they come on at dusk and run until they run out of power.  This was taken at ten at night, so any time after this is just extra!

Enough about last week - here's what's on tap for this week!

1.  Finish assembling the t-shirt quilt top.

2.  Quilt and bind the t-shirt quilt.

3.  Divvy up the thank you gifts for Hands2Help, and then contact the sponsors who will be shipping directly with contact information for the recipients.

4.  Package up all the rest and get them in the mail!

Lilli and her organizational skills are sure to come in handy with the last two items - she's a hard worker!  I've been waiting for years for her to get old enough to help.  It's also good for her to see what's involved in a big project like this.  I'm hoping she can help me come up with some new ideas that make it run more smoothly!

So that's what I'll be doing this week, and now my only question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. I'm finishing the binding on a quilt for a 20 month old boy. I'm also packing up the house and getting (hopefully) ready to move to a smaller place. I'm selling off 80% of my fabric stash. Long overdue to sort through everything, knowing that I have more fabric than I can use in this lifetime!

  2. too hard to fathom why, such a wee girl, but a quilt, filled with love and hope.XXXX

  3. I love your blocks for scrappy Wednesday, so pretty! So sad about cancer in a 7 year old. Hope the treatment works and she becomes cancer free. Happy stitching!

  4. Fantastic accomplishments! The new quilt is a beauty even if it is hard to hear why. The house looks great with the new floodlights! And can almost smell the bread-delicious!

  5. This is the 2nd child starting cancer treatments I've read about on a quilt blog this week. I wish more money would be devoted to cancer research, both for prevention and treatment. Your bread looks delicious. I'm prepping projects to take to quilt retreat this weekend. Here's hoping it cools off enough that I can work in my studio to do some more cutting.

  6. The house looks great all lit up! I had gotten some solar lights for outside a few years ago but our lawn guy messed them up. There are a few things I want to do and this is reminding me. Love your T shirt quilt and the sample log cabin blocks. You are one crazy quilter - getting so much done. Love Love Love all the love with H2H this year!

  7. You have been a busy bee, Sarah. Such a sweet quilt you are working on for the little girl. I hope it brings her great comfort . I hope to get in the quilt room and work on some nine patch blocks today. Fingers crossed. I look forward to hearing your updates on your week's progress. Happy quilting.

  8. I bake bread all the time, but I've never tried cinnamon. I can small it right to Norway, and have to try it next time I bake. Thank you for the idea.


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