Wednesday, November 3, 2021

I May Have A Scrap Problem... Progress on Gratitude!


Hi, all!

Well, it's been a busy week, but I'm pleased to say I have made some progress on my Gratitude quilt!  First I cut this huge stack of 10" and 5" squares from my stack of shirts....

...and then I cut a white oxford shirt into 2.5" strips to cut the cross-pieces for the plus blocks.  It's hard to believe, but one XL man's shirt yielded more 2.5" strips than I needed to cut all the strips for 41 blocks!

And then, I even had time to make a couple of blocks just to see what it will look like!  I've cut all the pieces for the rest of the plus blocks, and cut down about half of the 10" squares into their quilt parts, but still have some cutting to do to finish that.  

And now I'm wondering what this would look like on-point?  I may play with that on EQ8 to see if I'd like it.  Who knows?  The blocks are quick and easy so hopefully I'll have more to show next week.

So now I really want to know - what wonderful scrappy things are you working on?




  1. I am always surprised at how much usable fabric I get from a man's shirt.
    The wonderful scrappy thing I am working on- I am still making big chunks of fabric out of scraps. So far it is mostly strips trimmed from other quilt projects.

  2. Nice progress, Sarah. I'm amazed that you got all the necessary white strips from ONE shirt!!

  3. I like that these are all shirt fabrics! It's gonna look great!

  4. To know the shirts have a new life is so good , that block is a beauty.


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