Monday, November 15, 2021

Make-A-List Monday - Back In The Saddle (Seat) Again!


Hi, all!

Wow, it's good to be home!  We had a fabulous time in NYC, came home exhausted but exhilarated, and jumped right back into the swing of things.  Whew!  The holidays are coming fast, and there's so much to do - but first let's take a look at how I did on that list from two weeks ago....

1.  Work on eight more pillow covers that will be Christmas gifts.
Started!  Here are the eight blocks with their appliqués...

I've spray basted all of them to batting - next step will be quilting!

2.  Find a back for the Endless Summer quilt top.
Done!  I love this piece I found at Joann's, and the back is made and the quilt is ready to go on the frame!

3.  Cut some white and beige men's shirts into 2.5" strips for the Gratitude project.
Done!  Here's a progress shot, and I'll be sharing more about this quilt on Wednesday!

4.  Pack for a trip!
5.  Clean up the house so the house sitter doesn't run away screaming!
Done!  We were blessed with beautiful weather, and didn't even need the heavier sweaters that we brought with us.  And our house sitter appears to have had a nice time, too!

Last week ended the 2nd quarter of the Wips-B-Gone Challenge, and I managed to finish three projects in that quarter.  Today I decided on my 3rd quarter goals - the Christmas pillows, finishing the Gratitude quilt, finishing the Endless Summer quilt, and working on my Kaleidoscope quilt blocks.  It's going to be a busy 25 days!

So what am I working on this week?  Glad you asked!  Here's the plan...

1.  Quilt a customer's quilt top.

2.  Finish the Gratitude quilt.

3.  Work on the Christmas pillows.

4.  Clean up the front planters outside while it's still warm this week.

5.  Begin decorating the house for Christmas.

6.  Plan a Christmas party for my quilt-y peeps!

Plenty to keep me out of trouble this week, for sure!  And now, I really need to know - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. phew, that's a busy time ahead, love those "JOY" pillowcases.

  2. Wow. I didn't make a to-do list, but I did make a list of everything I'm working on. I need to get moving!! LOL

  3. I can't get any link to work in email or on web page.

  4. Nice overview! The new list will be a good challenge!

  5. Hey there! Welcome home! Your Gratitude Project quilt is amazing - a nice masculine quilt! The color combinations are fabulous!


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