Monday, July 19, 2010

Make-A-List Monday #4!

Hi, all!

Another week has come and gone - how did I do on last week's list?  Well, let's see....

1.  Finish up the quilt that we started at the quilting bee this past Saturday.  The blocks are completed, and they are sewn into rows.  I need to sew up the blocks, add borders, prepare the backing, quilt and bind it.  I would really like to have this finished by next Sunday so it can be delivered to the lady we made it for - a cancer survivor who is having a rough time of it right now.   This quilt is finished and in the hands of the person who will deliver it to its new home!!  More pictures will be posted on Friday!!

2.  Teach eight little girls how to sew.  Survive said process!  Make extra pillowcases to donate to charity with the new seamstresses.  We had a great time and I'm still alive!  In addition to the pillowcases they made for themselves, they made fifteen pillowcases to donate to a local homeless shelter!  If you want to see more, check out my blog post....

3.  Make my simple sampler blocks for both quilts.  Got them all done - you can see pictures here!

4.  Cut 5" squares for Karrie Lyne's Charm Pack Quilt Along.  Yes, I know you're supposed to use charm packs, but I've got way too many scraps sitting around right now, and I need to get rid of some of them!  I've got a stack all ready to start sewing - Karrie's given us two weeks for the first step, so I should be able to get that done!!

5.  Draw out a plan for the Christmas quilt using The Caroler honey bun.  Done!  I just need to get a few projects off the WIP table before I start on this....

6.  Work on striped blocks.  I didn't do so well here - unless you count one of my simple sampler blocks that is made with stripes!  I just ran out of time......

So - what's on the list for this week?  It's strange not to have something urgent pending!  I can pick and choose between some of my WIPs....  Here goes!

1.  Work on the reclamation of a quilt from this pile of fabric pieces gleaned from my friend Kim's much loved and very tattered quilt.  She wanted to save as much as possible, so I'm going to try to make coin strips from these.  

2.  Make my Simple Sampler blocks for both quilts this week.

3.  Start on the HSTs for Karrie Lyne's Charm Pack Quilt Along.

4.  Work on striped blocks - really!!

5.  Work on reducing my scrap box to neat piles of fat quarters, 5" squares, 2.5" squares, and 2.5" strips.

6.  Start on my Fresh Cottons quilt.  

It's so nice not to have so much urgent stuff hanging over my head - let's see how much I can get done on this list this week!  So the only question left is - what are you working on this week??




  1. What a great sense of accomplishment you must have! Redoing the quilt of your friend Kim into a coin quilt is so intriguing. I can't wait to see how that comes along.

  2. LOL! You know Sarah, I really thought I had quilting ADD until I met you. :-) You get an amazing amount of things done. Me? I'm making NYBs by hand in the evening after I work on my FMQ feathers. I'm about to get my first block done and it will have taken me only 3 1/2 hours. LOL! I am getting faster though.


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