Friday, November 26, 2010

And So It Begins.....

Hi, all!

Thanksgiving is over, and that means that my husband has given me the green light to start decorating for Christmas!  One of the very few things he asks of me is that I don't decorate before Thanksgiving, so it seems the least I can do.....

So I started small today - I brought down the Christmas stockings and hung them on the handrail to our stairs (because the fireplace insert gets hot enough to make them spontaneously combust!), put the wreath on the front door, and put a few other little things out.  We went out to do a little shopping - some groceries and a few Christmas things - but mainly avoided the Black Friday crowds.  We'll probably put the tree up tomorrow afternoon....

Tomorrow all my sewing buddies come over for our monthly meeting.  This one is special - it's the one-year anniversary of the beginning of our quilt ministry.  Tomorrow on this blog I'll share the story of how we started - it's a good one!

I hope you had a good "Black Friday" and enjoyed yourself, whatever you did - shopping, decorating, or just sitting around in a food-induced coma!

See you tomorrow!!



  1. The cat is awesome!!!! Enjoy tree decorating tomorrow:)

  2. WHAT a picture!!! Enjoy your day tomorrow. :)

  3. Congrats on the one year mark of your quilt ministry!

  4. I think I need some elves or fairies to help me with Christmas decorating. I like when it's done but don't exactly enjoy hauling it all out.

    Have fun with your quilt group tomorrow. I'm looking forward to reading about it.

  5. Cute kittie!

    I usually do the tree today, but took the kids up to their grandparent's out-of-town house instead. We'll do it Sunday when they get back from dad's. Which is good because it gives me time to clean before the chaos of the decorations adds to the mess!
    I'm looking forward to hearing how your group started!

  6. I have a cat that looks almost as "happy" as that! LOL!

    I have a friend who says her cat is not "fat", he's "happy"...cracks me up :D

  7. I had to work for Black Friday :-( But on the bright side, I did get to work from home, instead of having to go into the office! After work, I started working on a mug rug Christmas present for a friend. I finished one yesterday before work, and I hope to finish this one today. That'll be two down and one to go!

    I'm looking forward to reading your story later today!

    ~ Meagan


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