Friday, November 5, 2010

Sew&Tell Friday - A Mixed Bag!

Hi, all!

It's Friday again - and that means it's time for Sew & Tell!  I've got lots of finishes today, but most of them aren't completely mine - I get by with a little help from my friends!  So let's get started...

First of all, meet my beautiful friend Sharia, here showing off her fabulous Christmas table topper!

Can you believe that two months ago, Sharia was new to quilting?  She went with me to the first meeting of the Music City Modern Quilting Guild and was wooed by Leah's beautiful Moda precuts - this charm pack went home with her and came back as a table topper!  Can you see the channel quilting in the borders?  I'm such a proud quilt nana!!  (Although I have to say I didn't have much to do with it - Sharia's a natural!)

Next up is a flannel baby quilt pieced by Pam....

Pam got the quilt all put together and was sewing on the binding - but having trouble with pain in her hands - so I just finished the binding on this one.  Good thing, too - the same day I finished it, a young woman in our church went into labor!  This one has a new home already!!

And then there's this baby quilt, pieced by Tracy a while back....

I quilted and bound this one to finish it up, then sent it on to a new home!

This beauty, pieced and quilted by Marsha, went to a 19-year old young man who has recently been diagnosed with cancer.  It's made using Crazy Quilt Mom's Fair & Square pattern - which makes a great "guy" quilt!

Marsha loves to piece and quilt, but not to bind - so that's where I came in on this quilt, putting on the binding.  I don't mind at all - it gives me something to do while I'm watching tv - and it moves the quilts out to their intended recipients all that much faster!   What was that our grandmothers used to say?  Many hands make light work - I guess they were right!!

And here is my one, true, I'm-the-only-one-who-worked-on-this-one finish - a Quilts For Kids quilt that I am woefully late returning.

This one is going in the wash this morning and in the mail this afternoon!

Oh, and I almost forgot - I made these cute hot pads to give as a hostess gift last Saturday!!  This was my first try at making these, and I had so much fun - just used up some scraps from "Even Owls Blush" that I still had bagged up together.

So it's been a busy week for those of us in the quilt ministry, finishing up some quilts to hand out in between our own projects!  Fun times this weekend too - we meet to sew together tomorrow morning, probably for most of the day!  Woohoo!!!!

I'm linking up to Amy's Sew & Tell Friday - be sure to go there and see what beautiful things everyone has been making this week!!!

See you tomorrow!!



  1. Wow! Everyone did such an awesome job on the many quilts! I love the backing on the quilt for the 19 year old. My prayers are with him.

  2. great finishes. Have sewing with friends tomorrow.

  3. What a blessing for both you and the recipients of these lovely quilts!!

  4. Wow what great projects. Each one is special and you should pat yourself on the back for playing a hand in them. (Especially bringing other people over to the dark side, I mean, teaching them how to quilt. ;)

  5. you have had an amazing week of projects....

  6. wow ; ANOTHER productive and PROUD work week for you ! beautiful work, all !

  7. Great job on everything! I made a quilt for kids and was late getting it back too...Not sure why-they make up so quickly :) Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Another busy week for you! I still love the Fair and Square quilt:) Everything looks wonderful!

  9. Great finishes, all of them! I'll have to remember that Fair & Square pattern. I really like it myself in the plaids.

  10. Good to see you have roped another victim into the quilting world! Sharia can be so proud of her first quilt! Well done!

  11. These are all so pretty! And I love the birds on the hot pads!


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