Saturday, November 6, 2010

Simply Saturday.....

Doesn't that face just make you want to smile?

Hi, all!

It's been a busy day - ten of us got together this morning to eat and sew at my house!  Two of the girls, Sara and Lori, were new to quilting, and each of them started a flannel baby quilt.  Hilary finished piecing the back of her Simple Sampler quilt, and I showed her how to make a quilt sandwich using basting spray - I told her she only had 1-2 weeks to get it quilted, or I was going to get on her!  It's really beautiful, and I think she's going to love it when it's done - but it's her first, and she's a little bit afraid to start in on the quilting for fear of messing it up!  I told her we all feel like that, most of the time!  Pam finished her sudoku quilt that she was giving for a gift this afternoon, and I showed Lisa how to sew on binding the easy way.  Marsha pulled some fabrics to pair with some of the blocks that Megan sent us and took it home to put a top and back together.  (Marsha's also working on a double wedding ring quilt - it's a beauty!)  Margaret worked on a flannel baby quilt, and almost finished it.  Pam's mom, Dovie, worked on a cross stitch she's going to work in to a quilt top, and also pulled fabrics to start a Christmas table runner.  And Cassie and I ran around helping people!    Whew!!!

As usual, I didn't get to sew this morning - I go from person to person answering questions and showing them how to do things - but after everyone left, I cut out the quilt for the 2-year old using the Dr. Seuss fabrics that Cathy of Wondrous Woven Fabrics sent and Crazy Quilt Mom's Fair & Square quilt pattern.  I adapted the quilt pattern a little bit to make it square and smaller, but I think it's going to look really nice - all the print squares are set in a white field.  I've pulled a bunch of primary solids for the back - I think I'm going to cut the biggest squares I can of the leftover Seuss prints and just do a big simple patchwork for the back mixing in solid squares.  I'd share pictures, but my camera is downstairs and I'm too lazy to go get it, and my cell phone is apparently possessed tonight - it keeps cutting off on me! So hopefully I'll have finished pictures tomorrow or Monday....

It's Day 5 of National Blog Posting Month and I'm still hanging in there - only 25 more to go......  hmmmm...... any suggestions about what to write about next?

Don't forget to set your clocks back an hour tonight!!  I love that extra hour of sleep......  ;-)




  1. I love the pic in this post!!! Makes me miss my niece -
    What a great friend you are to host a sewing morning at your place and be so helpful to everyone. I wanna come to TN and sew with you.

  2. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! Can't wait to meet you!

  3. i keep staring at my quilt guild app... goal for tomorrow: write a check, address an envelope, visit the mailbox :-)

  4. National Blog posting month? I must have missed that memo.

  5. You were a good little helper weren't ya?! Your granddaughter must be loving all the pics you take of her:)

  6. She is just a ray of sunshine, isn't she? Sounds like a fun sew-in. I can relate to Hilary's trepidation. I think I need you to give me a deadline too!


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