Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful (with a twist of humor...)

Good morning, all!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and all over blogland I am seeing posts from people setting out what they are thankful for!  I want to do one of these myself, but not wanting to just repeat all the wonderful things that we are all thankful for (God, family, friends, home, etc.), I thought of ten random things that I am thankful for!  So here, in no particular order.......

1.  A sense of humor!  What in the world would we do if we couldn't laugh at ourselves?

2.  Dishwashers!  (Either kind.....)

3.  Ziploc bags!  How in the world did we keep track of stuff before these things came along?

4.  Craisins!  A snack I can overindulge in without feeling too guilty.....

5.  Library cards!  I love that I can learn about something new, try out a new author without spending any money, visit another country or just spend some time with interesting characters, all with my library card!

6.  E-mail!!  I just love opening my e-mail account and seeing lots of lovely messages from friends - and I love that I can communicate with others this way, because I've never been a good letter-writer!!

7.  Polka dot socks.....   (And isn't it amazing that you can Google "polka dot socks" and come up with hundreds of images???)

8.  Singing out loud (especially a toddler, in a crowded store, at the top of her lungs!)

9.  Google!  Who ever thought we'd have so much right at our fingertips??

And finally....

10.  Friends!  I don't know how any "thankful" list could be without this important item.  I have been blogging for less than a year, and I have made so many good friends through my blog - I truly appreciate each and every one of you.  Below is a clip of a song from Wicked about some unlikely friends that I just love - the message is so true for all of us.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do....

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone!!!



  1. I enjoyed your list..thanks for posting something different and fun! There are so many little things that make life enjoyable! I might just steal your idea...and link it back to you. :0)

  2. Laughed out loud at your post today. How did that dog get into the dishwasher! Thanks, hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. And my husband thinks I am crazy for loving polka dot socks! Now I can show him that I am not the only one! :o) Thanks for sharing your list, I love it and it made me smile 10x over. :o)

  4. Yay for Google and craisins!! I hear you!!

  5. I love this list! I think this is a much better insight into who you are, than just listing the most common ones.

    It so happens that I am wearing knee-high, polka dot, Hello Kitty socks right now! I love funky socks of all kinds!!

    Thanks for sharing such a great list :-)

    ~ Meagan

  6. I love your list! I can't view the song you posted.

  7. Thanks for the wonderful post, Sarah. Lovely things all!

  8. Totally love your post Sarah! What a great list!!!
    Have a great day with your family!!!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving, Sarah!
    Love that silly penguin with his cymbals "serenading" his beary friend.

  10. I love polka dot socks too, but I have tons of socks..that is definitely what i love to buy...socks!

  11. That's a great list! Many of my top 10 are on there too. Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving!

  12. Love your list! Thanks for sharing the video. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful:)

  13. This is such a cute and funny post!!! I love your list. :)


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